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Zoey's Leafeon

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Zoey's Leafeon
Zoey Leafeon
Trainer: Zoey
Debut: DP155: Double-Time Battle Training!
Episode captured: Prior to Double-Time Battle Training!
Current location: With Zoey
Evolved: Prior to Double-Time Battle Training!

Zoey's Leafeon is a Pokémon owned by Zoey.


Leafeon was a Pokémon Zoey got before she got her fifth ribon. Leafeon was used in battle with Dawn, when she attempted to learn a new combo move. Though Dawn lost, she had a good idea of how to perform it.

Later, Zoey's Leafeon (with Mismagius) appeared in a fight with Nando's Kricketune and Lopunny in the Grand Festival. Though both trainers raised their Pokémon well, Zoey used the combo of Aerial Ace and Psywave, causing Nando to lose the fight.

Known moves

Move Episode
Magical Leaf Double-Time Battle Training!
Leaf Blade + Coming Full-Festival Circle!
Double Team (move) Coming Full-Festival Circle!
Energy Ball + Coming Full-Festival Circle!
Aerial Ace + Coming Full-Festival Circle!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

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