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Zero Isle North
Zero Isle North
Floors 75
Boss None
Game Explorers of Time and Darkness, Explorers of Sky

Zero Isle North is one of the four primary dungeons that compose Zero Isle. The priceless Golden Mask and Wonder Chest may be found in its depths, as well as countless other treasures.

Note: party members will not gain Exp. in this dungeon. All enemies are unrecruitable.

Dungeon Inhabitants

A random assortment of up to fourteen of the following appears on each floor.


On B75F lie the Golden Mask (which is even more potent than the legendary Friend Bow), the Wonder Chest (which boosts the holder's Exp. gain), and the Wonder Gummi (which boosts IQ drastically). Other treasures may be found along the way inside the dungeon's ten treasure rooms, some of which are surrounded by water. Therefore, you will need 10 Keys and a leader that can travel over water if you wish to plunder this dungeon to the fullest extent. Additionally, Life Seed, Sitrus Berries, and stat-boosting drinks can be found on any floor but B75F. These items may also be found within Kecleon Shops.

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