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Hihidaruma BW Daruma

Darmanitan, as it appears in Zen Mode.

Zen Mode is an ability that is unique to special Darmanitan. Such Darmanitan will turn into the Zen Mode Form when their health is below 50%. In this form, Darmanitan retracts it's limbs and turns blue (resembling the daruma dolls they're named after), and also has a major stat change, causing it to shift from a physical based Pokémon to a special based Pokémon, as well as gaining the Psychic-type.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#555 Darmanitan 555 Type Fire Dream World/Desert Resort
#555 Darmanitan 555A Type FireType Psychic Dream World/Desert Resort


In the anime


  • Five Zen Mode Darmanitans can be found outside of the Relic Castle and can be battled if a RageCandyBar is used on them.
  • Only Darmanitan from the Dream World or the six from a special temple in the game can have this ability. If you evolved it from Darumaka, then it can't have this ability.

In other languages

Language Title Meaning 
Mandarin Chinese 不倒翁模式 Bùdǎowēng Móshì Zen Mode 
French Zen-tila Zen Mode 
Portuguese Modo Zen Zen Mode 
Spanish Modo Daruma Zen Mode 
German Trance-Modus Zen Mode 
Finnish Zen-tila Zen Mode 
Italian Stato Zen Zen Mode

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