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The Z-Move (Zワザ, Z Waza) is a gameplay mechanic introduced in Generation VII. Z-Moves are very strong and powerful attacks that certain Pokémon can gain access to. However, Z-Moves are used only once for each battle. Z-Moves can be activated with a special item called a Z-Crystal and a Z-Ring. Ash Ketchum obtains the Z-Move in Sun and Moon anime.

List of Z-moves


There are so far twenty-two Z-Moves. These Z-moves power and category are based on the move of the said type the user is holding. If it is a Status move, it will use a powered up version of that move. If the user knows two or more moves of the same time, you will get to choose what move you want to use.

Breakneck Blitz

An Normal-type Z-Move. The user stomps all over the opposing Pokémon.

All-Out Pummeling

A Fighting-type Z-Move. The user pummels the target with fury.

Never-Ending Nightmare

A Ghost-type Z-Move. The user is attacked by ghostly vines.

Inferno Overdrive

A Fire-type Z-Move. The user unleashes a fireball that grows in size the further it travels.

Hydro Vortex

A Water-type Z-Move. The Pokémon fires a blast of water, which transforms into a powerful water tornado.

Bloom Doom

A Grass-type Z-Move. The animation for this Z-Moves depicts the user unleashing a powerful vortex of flower petals.

Gigavolt Havoc

An Electric-type Z-Move. It allows the user to unleash an arrow-shaped electric blast.

Continental Crush

A Rock-type Z-Move. The opponent is smashed by a massive boulder.

Tectonic Rage

A Ground-type Z-Move. The user strikes the opponent into a Tectonic Plate at full force.

Savage Spin-Out

A Bug-type Z-Move. The user wraps up the opponent in a cocoon and slices into them.

Shattered Psyche

A Psychic-type Z-Move. The user slams the opponent into psychic barriers.

Devastating Drake

A Dragon-type Z-Move. The user is struck with a purple ray in the form of a dragon.

Black Hole Eclipse

A Dark-type Z-Move. The user is sucked into a Black Hole

Subzero Slammer

An Ice-type Z-Move. It is unknown exactly what it does.

Acid Downpour

A Poison-type Z-Move. The user is attacked by a poison wave.

Supersonic Skystrike

A Flying-type Z-Move. The user slams the opponent into the ground at high speed.

Twinkle Tackle

A Fairy-type Z-Move. The user cutely charms the opponent then strikes

Corkscrew Crash

A Steel-type Z-Move. The user charges into the opponent, slicing into them

Z-Moves for specific Pokémon

Pulverizing Pancake

A Normal-type Z-Move. It is exclusive to Snorlax.

Stoked Sparksurfer

An Electric-type Z-Move. It is exclusive to Alolan Raichu.


An Electric-type Z-Move. It is exclusive to Pikachu.

Extreme Evoboost

A Normal-type Z-Move. It raises all of the users stats by 2 stages Eevee.

Guardian of Alola

A Fairy-type Z-Move. It is exclusive to the Tapu Koko, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Lele and Tapu Fini.

Genesis Supernova

A Psychic-type Z-Move. It is exclusive to Mew.

10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt

An Electric-type Z-Move. It is exclusive to Ash Pikachu.

Sinister Arrow Raid

A Ghost-type Z-Move. It is exclusive to Decidueye.

Malicious Moonsault

A Dark-type Z-Move. It is exclusive to Incineroar.

Oceanic Operetta

A Water-type Z-Move. It is exclusive to Primarina.

Soul-Stealing 7 Star Strike

A Ghost-type Z-Move. It is exclusive to Marshadow.


  • Pikachu's evolution has the most signature Z-Moves, being three.
  • The Electric-type has the most Z-Moves, being 4 with 3 of them belonging to the Pikachu evolution.


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