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A Z-Crystal (Zクリスタル Z Kurisutaru in Japanese) is a kind of object introduced in Generation VII which is used to activate a Z-Move. It helps Pokémon use the corresponding Z-Move when equipped in one, as long as it knows a move of the same type.

One Z-Crystal can be used as many times and on many Pokémon as one wishes. The Z-Crystals work with the Z-Ring.

List of Z-Crystals

A total of 29 Z-Crystals exist: 18 of them for each elemental type and 11 of them for specific Pokémon.

Crystal Move Type or Pokémon associated
Buginium Z Dream
Buginium Z
Savage Spin-Out Type Bug
Darkinium Z Dream
Darkinium Z
Black Hole Eclipse Type Dark
Dragonium Z Dream
Dragonium Z
Devastating Drake Type Dragon
Electrium Z Dream
Electrium Z
Gigavolt Havoc Type Electric
Fairium Z Dream
Fairium Z
Twinkle Tackle Type Fairy
Fightinium Z Dream
Fightinium Z
All-Out Pummeling Type Fighting
Firium Z Dream
Firium Z
Inferno Overdrive Type Fire
Flyinium Z Dream
Flyinium Z
Supersonic Skystrike Type Flying
Ghostium Z Dream
Ghostium Z
Never-Ending Nightmare Type Ghost
Grassium Z Dream
Grassium Z
Bloom Doom Type Grass
Groundium Z Dream
Groundium Z
Tectonic Rage Type Ground
Icium Z Dream
Icium Z
Subzero Slammer Type Ice
Normalium Z Dream
Normalium Z
Breakneck Blitz Type Normal
Poisonium Z Dream
Poisonium Z
Acid Downpour Type Poison
Psychium Z Dream
Psychium Z
Shattered Psyche Type Psychic
Rockium Z Dream
Rockium Z
Continental Crush Type Rock
Steelium Z Dream
Steelium Z
Corkscrew Crash Type Steel
Waterium Z Dream
Waterium Z
Hydro Vortex Type Water
Pikanium Z Dream
Pikanium Z
Catastropika 025
Pikashunium Z Dream
Pikashunium Z
10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt 025
Aloraichium Z Dream
Aloraichium Z
Stoked Sparksurfer 026A
Eevium Z Dream
Eevium Z
Extreme Evoboost 133
Snorlium Z Dream
Snorlium Z
Pulverizing Pancake 143
Mewnium Z Dream
Mewnium Z
Genesis Supernova 151
Decidium Z Dream
Decidium Z
Sinister Arrow Raid 724
Incinium Z Dream
Incinium Z
Malicious Moonsault 727
Primarium Z Dream
Primarium Z
Oceanic Operetta 730
Tapunium Z Dream
Tapunium Z
Guardian of Alola 785786787788
Marshadium Z Dream
Marshadium Z
Soul-Stealing 7 Star Strike 802




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