Youngster (called Child in Japan) is a Trainer Class introduced in Generation I. It is one of the oldest in-use classes. They are often depicted as young boys dressed in shorts while holding their Poké Balls with a distant pose. They are found early in the game, using Pokémon that can be found early in gameplay (In Black/White and X/Y, they are seen using bug types). Their female counterpart is a Lass.


RB Battle Sprite

GSC Battle Sprite

RSE Battle Sprite

FRLG Battle Sprite

DPPt Battle Sprite

HGSS Battle Sprite

BW Battle Sprite

B2W2 Battle Sprite








Pokemon X and Y Youngster

Pokemon X & Y Youngster battle sprite


  • They are one of the classes you can find early in the game.
  • All of the youngsters wear hats (except for Pokémon X and Y, where they have hoodies) and shorts.
  • This is usually the first non-important character you battle in every game.
  • Every single youngster that starts off a region is always Youngster Joey.
    • However the most known Youngster is Joey of Johto claiming his Rattata is in the "top percentage" of all Rattata. He is often derided for his constant PokéGear calls regarding his Rattata that are of no use and oftentimes annoying.

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