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#REDIRECT [[Lentimas Town]]
|name = ''Lentimas Town''
|japanese = ヤマジタウン
|romaji = Yamaji Town
|image = Yamaji Town.png
|region = Unova
|routes = Airplane to [[Mistralton City]]<br>→''[[Reversal Mountain]]''
|slogan = {{tt|とがった 山道に 続く 町|The town leading to jagged mountain paths}}
|map = Location_of_Lentimas_Town_in_Unova.png}}'''''Lentimas Town''''' (Japanese: '''セイガイハシティ''' 'Yamaji Town'') is a city located in central eastern [[Unova]]. Here, the [[player]] first arrived the town through an airplane. The town is located in a middle of a windy passage.

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  1. REDIRECT Lentimas Town

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