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For the variant appearing in the games, see Xerosic.

Xerosic is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures, who is a scientist for Team Flare.


Xerosic is a pale man, who has orange, oddly-cut hair, resembling the Team Flare symbol, with a goatee. He wears orange goggles, with a small microphone on his right ear. He wears an orange tie with his orange suit and a pair of shoes, unlike boots other Team Flare members wear. He also wears a rubber glove on his left hand, while his other glove is sticking out of his left pocket on the suit.


Xerosic respects his leader, Lysandre, and does his tasks to the word. However, he becomes very nervous when things get out of hand. Xerosic can also be ruthless and intimidating, using people for his own plans before sending them away. He also makes pride in his work of the suit Essentia wears, and doesn't like much if the suit malfunctions.


X & Y arc

Xerosic was standing close to Vaniville Town and observed the battle between Xerneas and Yveltal, then gave commands to take the Mega Ring.[1]

After the battle, Xerosic was searching for Xerneas and found it had revered into a form of a tree.[2] Xerosic reported this to the leader, Lysandre, who went out of the café, where he repaired Trevor's Holo Caster.[3]

Xerosic later appeared in Team Flare's headquarters, where he reported to Malva they locked up all the people of Vaniville Town, who would be mind-controlled to move the Xerneas tree.[4]

Xerosic managed to intimidate Clemont to build a powerful weapon, else his Heliolisk would be hurt. Xerosic left off, preparing Essentia for the operation to move the Xerneas tree.[5] After having completed the project, Xerosic sent Essentia to act as a bodyguard and attack anyone that tries to interfere.[6] However, Essentia was nearly defeated and activated her suit, causing her to look identical like X's friends. Xerosic noticed the function to transform herself took too much power out of the suit and ordered Essentia to retreat.[7]

After Celosia managed to snatch Korrina's Key Stone, per Malva's request, Xerosic placed the Key Stone into a ring and gave to Lysandre. Xerosic helped Lysandre equip the gear, preparing him to absorb Xerneas' energy. Xerosic was touched, then ordered the grunts to send Clemont into the incinerator room, since he was no longer useful to them.[8] Xerosic continued to watch as the Absorber stores the energy, until X arrived and faced Lysandre himself.[9] Xerosic watched the battle and commented X may not be a powerful Mega Evolution user, since he did not even Mega Evolve any of his Pokémon against Lysandre. Xerosicd noticed the absorber started to malfunction. Lysandre suspected X's Elec's ability, Lightning Rod, had taken the electricity. Just then, Xerosic, Lysandre and X watched as the tree started to glow and transformed into an actual Xerneas.[10]

Xerosic, seeing the children were being boarded onto Xerneas, who was to escape, sent Malamar to grapple the children. However, AZ interfered and was captured instead, allowing the children to escape on Xerneas. Xerosic was mad, but Lysandre claimed they did not had to capture the children, since the mission was a success. However, Xerosic received reports there were no casualties; only the cities were damaged, but no human lives were taken. Xerosic told this to Bryony, who was also shocked the plan failed.[11]¸Before he left, AZ warned Xerosic Team Flare's plans were upsetting the balance of Kalos. He noted the Watcher, "Z", has been watching their activities and would soon arrive to restore order in Kalos, just it had done 3000 years ago. Xerosic had no idea what AZ meant by that, but was told the Ultimate Weapon, as well as Xerneas and Yveltal's fighting have made "Z" on the move. AZ left, even if Xerosic wanted to know more.[12]

fter Malva appeared and started having her Yveltal attack Y's Xerneas, Xerosic appeared and warned Malva the Legendary Pokémon were equal in strength and she wouldn't be able to endure the intense battle, which could've lasted forever.[11]

Xerosic ran to the Pokémon Village, where he wanted to report something to Lysandre. He was shushed by Malva, who showed Lysandre training. Lysandre stopped a bit and Xerosic reported Professor Sycamore has found the truth about Team Flare and made his action. Malva claimed they could hide in the base under Lysandre Cafe, but Xerosic warned Professor Sycamore posted his two assistants to watch over it. He also reported a lot of people were distrustful about the media and knew Team Flare was involved in the chaos in Geosenge Town, despite the media putting blame on the Gym Leaders and Vaniville kids. Lysandre decided everyone was to stay in the Pokémon Village and left Malva and Xerosic.[13] Eventually, he and Bryony were at the Menhir Trail. A grunt reported that Mable confirmed the purpose of these stones, which excited Xerosic. He noted these stones had been used as an absorber by AZ 3000 years ago. Bryony also confirmed a scientist with a strange hair told them the stones emitted a strange energy. He noted the stones could still be used to power the Ultimate Weapon up, with the Pokémon they captured to share the life force. Recalling what AZ told him at the Team Flare headquarters, he was concerned Zygarde was watching their activities and went to stop them. Since he did send Essentia to capture Zygarde, he was shocked that Essentia's helmet was broken and tried to contact her. He was concerned Essentia's suit should've been activated to make her retreat. Soon, he found that all connections to Essentia have been severed and were offline.[12]


On hand

Xerosic's Malamar
Inkay → Malamar *
Xerosic's Crobat
Crobat (x4) *


Clemont's Heliolisk Adventures

See also

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