For the game series, see Pokémon X and Y.

XY (コレクションX and コレクションY Collection X and Collection Y) was the first TCG expansion set of the XY series. It was released on 13 December 2013 in Japan and 5 February 2014 in the US. This expansion set contains 126 cards in Japanese and 146 cards in English. The first set to include Fairy type Pokémon, Generation VI Pokémon, and Mega Evolved Pokemon.


Kalos has been revealed, yet so much still remains unseen! New Trainers, new tactics, and the awe-inspiring Xerneas and Yveltal await - as does something else. Something...different. Something to make even the mightiest of Pokémon-EX tremble! A new age begins in the Pokémon TCG with Mega Evolution. Includes 2 all-new Mega Evolution Pokémon, 6 new Pokémon-EX, Pokémon TCG Online code cards. There are 146 cards in all!

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