Primal Clash (ガイアボルケーノ・タイダルストーム Gaia Volcano・Tidal Storm) was the fifth TCG expansion set of the XY series. It was released on 13 December 2014 in Japan and 4 February 2015 in the US. This expansion set contains 140+ cards in Japanese and 160 cards in English.


After centuries asleep, the deep power of Primal Groudon-EX erupts from the land as Primal Kyogre-EX crashes in from the sea, riding titanic waves into battle! With colossal new arrivals like Mega Gardevoir-EX and Mega Aggron-EX, the Pokémon TCG: XY—Primal Clash expansion is alive with the primordial power of Ancient Traits—plus all-new Spirit Link and Special Energy cards! Let the earth shake and the oceans thunder, and get ready for a primal clash like no other!

Card list

Name Type Rarity
1 Weedle TCG Grass Common
2 Kakuna TCG Grass Uncommon
3 Beedrill TCG Grass Rare
4 Tangela TCG Grass Common
5 Tangrowth TCG Grass Rare
6 Treecko TCG Grass Common
7 Grovyle TCG Grass Uncommon
8 Sceptile TCG Grass Rare
9 Sceptile TCG Grass Rare Holo
10 Lotad TCG Grass Common
11 Lombre TCG Grass Uncommon
12 Ludicolo TCG Grass Rare Holo
13 Surskit TCG Grass Common
14 Masquerain TCG Grass Uncommon
15 Shroomish TCG Grass Common
16 Breloom TCG Grass Rare
17 Volbeat TCG Grass Common
18 Illumise TCG Grass Common
19 Trevenant EX TCG Grass Rare Holo EX
20 Vulpix TCG Fire Common
21 Ninetales TCG Fire Rare
22 Slugma TCG Fire Common
23 Magcargo TCG Fire Uncommon
24 Magcargo TCG Fire Rare
25 Torchic TCG Fire Common
26 Torchic TCG Fire Uncommon
27 Combusken TCG Fire Uncommon
28 Blaziken TCG Fire Rare Holo
29 Camerupt EX TCG Fire Rare Holo EX
30 Horsea TCG Water Common
31 Seadra TCG Water Uncommon
32 Staryu TCG Water Common
33 Mudkip TCG Water Common
34 Marshtomp TCG Water Uncommon
35 Swampert TCG Water Rare
36 Swampert TCG Water Rare Holo
37 Ludicolo TCG Water Rare
38 Wailord EX TCG Water Rare Holo EX
39 Barboach TCG Water Common
40 Whiscash TCG Water Uncommon
41 Whiscash TCG Water Rare
42 Corphish TCG Water Common
43 Feebas TCG Water Common
44 Milotic TCG Water Rare Holo
45 Spheal TCG Water Common
46 Spheal TCG Water Common
47 Sealeo TCG Water Uncommon
48 Walrein TCG Water Rare
49 Clamperl TCG Water Common
50 Huntail TCG Water Rare Holo
51 Gorebyss TCG Water Uncommon
52 Gorebyss TCG Water Rare
53 Kyogre TCG Water Rare
54 Kyogre EX TCG Water Rare Holo EX
55 Primal Kyogre EX TCG Water Rare Holo EX
56 Manaphy TCG Water Rare Holo
57 Chinchou TCG Lightning Common
58 Lanturn TCG Lightning Uncommon
59 Electrike TCG Lightning Common
60 Electrike TCG Lightning Uncommon
61 Manectric TCG Lightning Rare Holo
62 Tynamo TCG Lightning Common
63 Eelektrik TCG Lightning Uncommon
64 Eelektrik TCG Lightning Rare
65 Eelektross TCG Lightning Rare Holo
66 Nidoran ♀ TCG Psychic Common
67 Nidorina TCG Psychic Uncommon
68 Nidoqueen TCG Psychic Uncommon
69 Nidoqueen TCG Psychic Rare
70 Tentacool TCG Psychic Common
71 Tentacool TCG Psychic Uncommon
72 Tentacruel TCG Psychic Rare
73 Starmie TCG Psychic Rare
74 Rhyhorn TCG Fighting Common
75 Rhydon TCG Fighting Uncommon
76 Rhyperior TCG Fighting Rare
77 Rhyperior TCG Fighting Rare Holo
78 Nosepass TCG Fighting Common
79 Meditite TCG Fighting Common
80 Medicham TCG Fighting Rare Holo
81 Medicham TCG Fighting Rare
82 Trapinch TCG Fighting Common
83 Solrock TCG Fighting Common
84 Groudon TCG Fighting Rare
85 Groudon EX TCG Fighting Rare Holo EX
86 Primal Groudon EX TCG Fighting Rare Holo EX
87 Hippopotas TCG Fighting Common
88 Hippowdon TCG Fighting Rare Holo
89 Drilbur TCG Fighting Common
90 Diggersby TCG Fighting Rare
91 Sharpedo EX TCG Darkness Rare Holo EX
92 Crawdaunt TCG Darkness Rare Holo
93 Aggron EX TCG Metal Rare Holo EX
94 Mega Aggron EX TCG Metal Rare Holo EX
95 Probopass TCG Metal Rare
96 Excadrill TCG Metal Rare
97 Excadrill TCG Metal Rare Holo
98 Honedge TCG Metal Common
99 Doublade TCG Metal Uncommon
100 Aegislash TCG Metal Rare Holo
101 Mr. Mime TCG Fairy Uncommon
102 Marill TCG Fairy Common
103 Azumarill TCG Fairy Rare
104 Azumarill TCG Fairy Rare Holo
105 Gardevoir EX TCG Fairy Rare Holo EX
106 Mega Gardevoir EX TCG Fairy Rare Holo EX
107 Kingdra TCG Dragon Rare
108 Kingdra TCG Dragon Rare Holo
109 Vibrava TCG Dragon Uncommon
110 Flygon TCG Dragon Rare Holo
111 Zigzagoon TCG Colorless Common
112 Linoone TCG Colorless Uncommon
113 Skitty TCG Colorless Common
114 Delcatty TCG Colorless Rare
115 Spinda TCG Colorless Common
116 Bidoof TCG Colorless Common
117 Bidoof TCG Colorless Uncommon
118 Bibarel TCG Colorless Uncommon
119 Bouffalant TCG Colorless Uncommon
120 Bunnelby TCG Colorless Uncommon
121 Bunnelby TCG Colorless Uncommon
122 Acro Bike Item Uncommon
123 Aggron Spirit Link Item Uncommon
124 Archie's Ace in the Hole Support Uncommon
125 Dive Ball Item Uncommon
126 Energy Retrieval Item Uncommon
127 Escape Rope Item Uncommon
128 Exp. Share Item Uncommon
129 Fresh Water Set Item Uncommon
130 Gardevoir Spirit Link Item Uncommon
131 Groudon Spirit Link Item Uncommon
132 Kyogre Spirit Link Item Uncommon
133 Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick Support Uncommon
134 Professor Birch's Observations Support Uncommon
135 Rare Candy Item Uncommon
136 Repeat Ball Item Uncommon
137 Rough Seas Stadium Uncommon
138 Scorched Earth Stadium Uncommon
139 Shrine of Memories Stadium Uncommon
140 Silent Lab Stadium Uncommon
141 Teammates Support Uncommon
142 Weakness Policy Item Uncommon
143 Shield Energy Energy Uncommon
144 Wonder Energy Energy Uncommon
145 Trevenant EX TCG Grass UR
146 Camerupt EX TCG Fire UR
147 Wailord EX TCG Water UR
148 Kyogre EX TCG Water UR
149 Primal Kyogre EX TCG Water UR
150 Groudon EX TCG Fighting UR
151 Primal Groudon EX TCG Fighting UR
152 Sharpedo EX TCG Darkness UR
153 Aggron EX TCG Metal UR
154 Mega Aggron EX TCG Metal UR
155 Gardevoir EX TCG Fairy UR
156 Mega Gardevoir EX TCG Fairy UR
157 Archie's Ace in the Hole Support UR
158 Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick Support UR
159 Professor Birch's Observations Support UR
160 Teammates Support UR