Furious Fists
XY Furious Fists logo
Cards in set: JapanFlag 111 UnitedStatesFlag 105
Set: JapanFlag 57 UnitedStatesFlag 61
Release date: JapanFlag Jun-14-2014
UnitedStatesFlag Aug-13-2014
Icon: Furious Fists Symbol

XY: Furious Fists (ライジングフィスト Rising Fist) was the third TCG expansion set of the XY series. It was released on 13 August 2014 in Japan and 14 June 2014 in the US. This expansion set contains 111 cards in English and 105 cards in Japanese.

Card List

Name Type Rarity
1 Bellsprout TCG Grass TCG C
2 Weepinbell TCG Grass TCG U
3 Victreebel TCG Grass TCG H
4 Heracross TCG EX TCG Grass TCG Rare Holo EX
5 Mega Heracross TCG EX TCG Grass TCG Rare Holo EX
6 Shroomish TCG Grass TCG C
7 Leafeon TCG Grass TCG R
8 Shelmet TCG Grass TCG C
9 Accelgor TCG Grass TCG U
10 Magmar TCG Fire TCG C
11 Magmortar TCG Fire TCG R
12 Torchic TCG Fire TCG C
13 Combusken TCG Fire TCG U
14 Blaziken TCG Fire TCG H
15 Poliwag TCG Water TCG C
16 Poliwhirl TCG Water TCG U
17 Poliwrath TCG Water TCG H
18 Politoed TCG Water TCG R
19 Glaceon TCG Water TCG R
20 Seismitoad TCG EX TCG Water TCG Rare Holo EX
21 Cubchoo TCG Water TCG C
22 Beartic TCG Water TCG R
23 Clauncher TCG Water TCG C
24 Clawitzer TCG Water TCG H
25 Amaura TCG Water TCG U
26 Aurorus TCG Water TCG R
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