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XY&Z is the fourth and final Japanese opening of the XY series.


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♪ Hei! Karosu o terasu ano asahi no you ni

(nitoro chaaji atsuku ikouze) Saa! Susumou ze itsu demo junbi wa OK (Kataya furi hengenjizai de)

Kasanari au omoi ga shinkuro shite Kesshite kienai kizuna ni naru kara Doko made mo tsuyoku nareru Oretachi nara woh woh woh yeah

Ikuze!! Hageshiku moeru batoru Ikuze!! Pinchi wa chansu daze Ikouze!! Kishikaisei Zettai ni akiramenai

Ikuze!! Yuzurenai yume ga aru Ikuze!! Kanarazu getto daze Ikouze!! Te wo nobashite Daremo shiranai takami e

Saa! Agetekuze (hyakuman boruto) Sou! Tachi mukatte tomo ni ikouze Yume no mukou made ♪

♪ Hey! Just like that morning sun is shining upon Kalos

(Rush in hot like a Flame Charge) Come on! Just head on, as we're ready anytime Be a Protean Mold Breaker

Our overlapping feelings synchronize As they become our unfading bonds Become strong until the end If it's just us, woh woh woh yeah

Let'Z go!! The fiercely burning battle Let'Z go!! Crises our chances Let'Z go!! Do a Reversal As we will never give up!

Let'Z go!! Holding tight to our dreams Let'Z go!! We're sure to get them Let'Z go!! Stretch out your arms Up to the unknown heights!

Come on! Raise it up (1,000,000 Volts) Alright! Let's head straight together Until we reach our dreams! ♪


  • As of XY106, the song is changed to include Serena's Sylveon instead of Eevee.
  • As of XY110, the song features Ash's Noivern in place of Ash's Noibat.

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