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For other variants of Avalugg belonging to Wulfric, see Wulfric's Avalugg.
Wulfric's Avalugg
ウルップのクレベース Uruppu's Kurebeesu
Wulfric's Avalugg Adventures
Trainer: Wulfric
Debut: Pyroar Breathes

This Avalugg is an ice-type Pokémon owned by Wulfric.


X&Y031 8

Avalugg carry the Gym Leaders an some of the gang.

Avalugg transported Wulfric, Ramos, the other Gym Leaders and some of the gang towards Laverre City, where they met up with the children - Y, Tierno, Shauna and Trevor. Together, they went to Geosenge Town. After seeing the Ultimate Weapon was about to be launched, the Gym Leaders and their Pokémon, including Wulfric, his Avalugg and Abomasnow, tried to seal the "bud", preventing its activation.[1]

Avalugg stood on solid air, created by Mr. Mime's power, which was advised by Ramos to Valerie. However, Bryony sent Bisharp, who attacked Mr. Mime, causing it to lose the focus and drop Avalugg and other Pokémon down, who could not fly nor levitate.[2]

Known moves

None of Avalugg's moves are known.

See also

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