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'''Wooper''' evolves into [[Quagsire]] at level 20.
'''Wooper''' evolves into [[Quagsire]] at level 20.
==Game info==
==Game info==
===Game locations===
===Game locations===
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{{PokémonPrevNext | prev=Yanma |next=Quagsire}}
{{PokémonPrevNext | prev=Yanma |next=Quagsire}}
[[Category:Ground Pokémon]]
[[Category:Ground Pokémon]]

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[[File:Type Water/Ground.gif|link=Water/Ground type]]  
Species Water Fish Pokémon
Abilities Damp
Water Absorb
Unaware (Dream World)
None ← 194 → None
Kanto N/A Johto N/A
Hoenn N/A Sinnoh N/A
Unova N/A Kalos N/A
Evolves from None
Evolves into [[Quagsire]]
ウパー Upah'
[[Generation II]]
Evolutionary line
No evolution line
Weight Height
Pokédex color Egg group
<font color=Blue>Blue</font>
Shape Footprint

Wooper is a Water/Ground-type Pokémon introduced in Generation II.


Wooper evolves into Quagsire at level 20.

Game info

Game locations

Version(s) Area(s) Rarity
Gold/Silver Route 32 (night) Common
Crystal Route 32, Ruins of Alph, Union Cave (night) Common
Ruby/Sapphire Trade None
Emerald Safari Zone Common
FireRed/LeafGreen Four Island,Icefall Cave, Ruin Valley (FireRed only) Common
Diamond/Pearl Route 212, Great Marsh Common
Platinum Great Marsh Common
HeartGold/SoulSilver Route 32, Ruins of Alph, Union Cave, Safari Zone Common
Black/White White Forest (White only) Common

Side game locations

Game(s) Area(s)
Pokémon Channel Camp Starlight (Wednesday)
Pokémon Trozei! SOL Laboratory 1,
SOL Laboratory 2,
Endless Level 11,
Trozei Battle,
Mr. Who's Den
Red Rescue Team & Blue Rescue Team Sinister Woods (8F-10F)
Waterfall Pond (3F-6F)
Explorers of Time & Explorers of Darkness Waterfall Cave (B1F-B8F)
Serenity River (B1F-B7F)

Pokédex entries



Generation II

Main article: Wooper/Learnset Generation II

Generation III

Main article: Wooper/Learnset Generation III

Generation IV

Main article: Wooper/Learnset Generation IV

Generation V

Leveling Generation VI
Level Move Power Acc. PP Type Cat. Contest Cat. Appeal Jam
1 Water Gun 40 100% 25 [[Water type|Water]] [[Move#Special Special


1 Tail Whip 100% 30 [[Normal type|Normal]] [[Move#Status Status


5 Mud Sport —% 15 [[Ground type|Ground]] [[Move#Status Status


9 Mud Shot 55 95% 15 [[Ground type|Ground]] [[Move#Special Special


15 Slam 85 75% 20 [[Normal type|Normal]] [[Move#Physical Physical


19 Mud Bomb 65 85% 10 [[Ground type|Ground]] [[Move#Special Special


23 Amnesia —% 20 [[Psychic type|Psychic]] [[Move#Status Status


29 Yawn —% 10 [[Normal type|Normal]] [[Move#Status Status


33 Earthquake 100 100% 10 [[Ground type|Ground]] [[Move#Physical Physical


37 Rain Dance —% 5 [[Water type|Water]] [[Move#Status Status


43 Mist —% 30 [[Ice type|Ice]] [[Move#Status Status


43 Haze —% 30 [[Ice type|Ice]] [[Move#Status Status


47 Muddy Water 95 85% 10 [[Water type|Water]] [[Move#Special Special


Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.


  • Wooper & Gastly could learn Ice Punch in Generation II despite not having arms.
  • In the anime, a Wooper had a heart on its chest.
  • Wooper's cry in the anime sounds like Upah! much like his Japanese name, ウパー (Upah).


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