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Wonder Skin (ミラクルスキン) is an ability naturally exclusive to Sigilyph, introduced in Generation V. Four Pokémon have this ability.


In-Game Text
Generation VMakes status-changing moves more likely to miss.
Generation VIMakes status moves more likely to miss.
Reduces the accuracy of status moves used against the Pokémon with this ability to 50%.


PokédexPokémon TypeAbilities
#049 Venomoth
Type BugType Poison Generation III
Shield Dust

Generation IV
Tinted Lens

Generation V
Wonder Skin
#300 Skitty
Type Normal Generation III
Cute Charm

Generation IV

Generation V
Wonder Skin
#301 Delcatty
#561 Sigilyph
Type PsychicType Flying Generation V
Magic Guard
Wonder Skin
Tinted Lens(DW)
Green indicates the ability is known naturally
Yellow indicates the ability is only known through the Dream World

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