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Wobbuffet Pop is a minigame using the touch screen to pump up balloons by using a Wobbuffet-shaped pump. Balloons are pumped with the stylus up and down to earn points. Some Wynaut on the top screen will make it harder for the player to pump balloons. When ten balloons are popped, all players will get the Tap Toy upgrade. A minimum of two players can play, and a maximum of four players can play.

The touch screen will display the player's pump, shaped like a big Wobbuffet, that can be touched to pump the balloons that appear on the top screen. The top screen will also display the other players pumps, and the field, where other Wynaut obstacles bounce. The pumps will be colored different colors to distinguish between players.

This is the only game which other players work together as a team, and the only game where everyone can get a Tap Toy upgrade at the same time.

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