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A Wireless Event (Also called Wireless Distribution Event) is a special event which gives either a Pokémon or an item to somewhere special.

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, there's one that gives Darkrai.

To recieve item on special events, you must have A DS, the specified game, obtained Pokédex in that game and no more than a number of Wonder Cards. After it ends, it will not be coming back. The only way to get it is to have a friend who recieved it during the time.

Here's a list of Known Events:

Pkmn Platinum:

Secret key: Unlock room to Rotom's room to get machines that can change Rotom's form.

Member Card: Unlock an area to catch Darkrai.

Pkmn HG/SS:

Celebi: Get Celebi

Pkmn B/W:

Get Victini: get Victini

Get Zorua: get Zorua (Require Celebi)

Get Zoroark: Get Zoroark

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