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A Wireless Event (also called Wireless Distribution Event or Wi-Fi event) is a special event which gives out either a Pokémon or an item that is special in some way. To receive the gift through special events, you must have a DS, the specified game, obtained the Pokédex in that game and no more than a certain number of Wonder Cards.

Known Events

Diamond and Pearl

Member Card - Unlocks an area to catch Darkrai. Was available in both DP and Pt.


Secret Key - Unlocks room to Rotom's room to get machines that can change Rotom's form.

HeartGold and SoulSilver

  • Celebi - Receives a special event Celebi that unlocks various events in HGSS* and BW*.
  • Crown Beasts - Allows the player to receive three shiny Legendary Beasts known as the Crown Beasts that unlock events in BW*.

Black and White

Victini - Receives Liberty Pass that allows the holder to visit Liberty Garden and capture a Victini.

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