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For the variant appearing in the games, see Winona.
(ナギ Nagi)
Winona Adventures
Gender: Female
Hometown: Fortree City
Region: Hoenn
Friends: Flannery, Wallace
Class: Gym Leader
First Appearance: Hanging Around With Slaking III

Winona is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures, who is the Gym Leader of Fortree City in the Hoenn region.


Winona is a woman of medium height and slender. She has long, lavender hair tied in a thin ponytail with a white band, and violet eyes. Her hair sticks up at the side in two tufts, representing feathers. Winona is usually seen in her collared flight suit, with a grey helmet, and a pair of grey shoes. She wears a grey flying-suit with yellow outlines on her thighs, with white sleeves, which have grey bands around her biceps. She wears a pair of grey gloves and some white trousers.


Winona has a very kind and protective personality, especially of those dear to her. She is also very authoritative in her duty as leader of the Hoenn Gym Leaders.


Ruby & Sapphire arc

RS031 5

Winona telling Norman that he should've notified his absence to the Pokémon Association.

Winona appeared before the training session between Norman and Ruby. She complained Norman should have at least notified the Pokémon Association of his absence, stating that she has been assigned the role of Norman's mentor. Winona informed Norman he needs to come with them, to which he complied.[1] Later, as Flannery trains at the Lavaridge Gym, Winona commended her improvements as a new Gym Leader. She also informed Flannery of the praise that Sapphire had received from other Gym Leaders. Winona stated Sapphire will be heading to Lavaridge Town in order to receive her next Gym Badge.[2]

RS042 10

Winona informing the Director that her fears are coming true.

Later, Winona is called to meet with Flannery and the other Gym Leaders at Fortree City to discuss recent events. At the Tree Tower, Winona noted the other Gym Leaders were making their way. As they were seated around the meeting place, Roxanne noted that there were only 6 out of the 9 Leaders present. Despite this, Winona told Flannery to commence the briefing. As Flannery informed the Leaders a group was planning to destroy the Hoenn region, Winona asks whether the individuals involved in the events at Mt. Chimney were the same as those who attacked the Slateport Shipyard, Flannery denied this. Flannery informed the Gym Leaders openly she was supporting Team Magma, prompting Winona to state Flannery wasn't lying. Winona then proclaimed that she trusts Flannery's foresight. When the Gym Leaders were separated into two factions in support of Team Aqua and Team Magma, the Gym Leaders ask Norman whose side he was on. When Norman announced he was in support of neither side, Norman left, only for Winona to berate him for purposefully disobeying a direct order. She prevented him from leaving by placing a hand on his shoulder, but was brushed off with ease. Winona states he was a member of the Pokémon Association, but Norman refuted this claim and leaves, with Wattson following in his wake. Flannery asked Winona what their next move would be, as she responded they could not possibly achieve victory with their current numbers. Winona adjourned the meeting, informing them she needed to report their progress to the Director. She informed the director that the meeting was not a success, as Norman left and Tate and Liza did not show up. In the middle of her conversation, Wallace interrupted her from the monitor screen. Winona asked what he wanted, to which he informed her that the death of Mt. Chimney resulted in the shifting of balance in the Hoenn region. She asked him to provide more detail, to which Wallace states that Sootopolis City was experiencing an unprecedented rise in sea level. Winona told him to keep her posted on any new developments. She asked the Director whether he had heard their conversation, to which he revealed to Winona this could be attributed to the reawakening of Groudon and Kyogre. Winona was surprised by his statement, and realised that everything that has happened up until this moment makes sense, if the Legendary Pokémon are put into the equation.[3]

When Sapphire arrived at Fortree City, she was met by a messenger who informs Winona of her arrival. However, Winona was already there, as Sapphire demands to know who she was. Winona agreed to tell Sapphire, but asks that she remove the "berry" off her nose first. Winona introduced herself to Sapphire as the Gym Leader of Fortree City, commenting that she looked ready for battle. She asked whether Sapphire was prepared, stating that Gym rules still applied here, and that she would acquire the Feather Badge if she won. Winona told her assistant to hand her her flight suit, as Sapphire summoned her Combusken. The two opponents then charged at one another. Winona had her Altaria use Dragon Breath, prompting Sapphire's Combusken to seek refuge within the trees. Winona laughed at Sapphire's tactics, stating that she was aware of her next move. However, whilst Winona was preoccupied, Sapphire had her Combusken use Double Team to mask its movements. Winona wonders which Pokémon was the real one, as her Altaria was knocked onto the ground. She commended Sapphire's skills, and she revealed that her Combusken had trained strenuously for this one moment. As Combusken evolved into Blaziken, Winona was surprised, as it used Blaze Kick on Altaria. However, as the smoke cleared, Winona and Altaria were nowhere to be seen. Sapphire wondered where they have gone to, as she checked her Pokédex's entry on Altaria. Realizing too late, Altaria pummeled down upon Blaziken with Sky Attack, thus winning the battle. Winona walked towards Sapphire, and revealed the flaws in Sapphire's strategy. She decided to coach Sapphire to become a stronger Trainer, as the other Gym Leaders revealed themselves. Winona told they brought Sapphire here as a test to prove her worth in the fight against Kyogre. Wallace arrived on the scene, as Winona wonders whom Wallace brought along.[4]

Winona saw Wallace came to Fortree City with his disciple, Ruby and informed them the Hoenn was still alerted about the coming of Groudon and Kyogre. Winona then started training with Sapphire, advising her to make small, yet accurate attacks. While Sapphire managed to learn some things quickly, Winona left, as she was needed elsewhere.[5] Winona came to the base, asking Roxanne and Brawly about the earthquakes. They dismissed Winona, for they were not pleased Sapphire came to Fortree City, for only Winona and Flannery agreed that Sapphire should help in the crisis.[6]

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Emerald arc

Winona was seen with Sapphire attending Wanda and Riley's wedding. Sapphire was talking to Winona, wondering when Winona will make a move on Wallace. Winona claimed being with Wallace didn't do well, since his skills surpassed her own. Winona asked Sapphire about Ruby and was told Ruby had actually forgotten about her confession for Ruby. Winona comforted her, claiming Sapphire still has a future ahead. Ruby and Wallace approached the ladies and the former started arguing with Sapphire. Wallace calmed both sides down and reminded them they came to the Battle Frontier for a reason. Ruby and Sapphire agreed, since they were to meet up with another Pokédex Holder.[7]

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire arc

Coming to the ruins of Team Aqua Hideout, Amber thought of Winona, whom he, Shelly and Matt were battling against, during the crisis between Kyogre and Groudon.[8]


On hand

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Pokémon Information
Winona's Altaria Adventures
Altaria is Winona's primary Pokémon, and is used primarily in the final fight against the admins of Team Aqua and Magma.
Pokémon Information
Winona's Masquerain Adventures
Masquerain was used briefly in Winona's training session with Sapphire.
Pokémon Information
Winona's Beautifly Adventures
Beautifly was used briefly in Winona's training session with Sapphire.
Pokémon Information
Winona's Swablu Adventures
Swablu was used briefly in Winona's training session with Sapphire.
Pokémon Information
Winona's Skarmory Adventures
Skarmory was briefly seen during the final battle against Team Aqua and Magma, in which it charged at Aqua Admin Matt.

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