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Winona's Swellow

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Winona's Swellow
Nagi's Ohsubame
Winona Swellow
Trainer: Winona
Gender: Unknown
Debut: Sky High Gym Battle!

Winona's Swellow is a shiny Swellow that was the last Pokemon she used during her Gym battle with Ash.


It is unknown when or where Winona got this unusual specimin, but colour wasn't the only special thing about Swellow. It was also a formidable opponent in battle and although its endurance wasn't great it made up for this with its impressive speed and powerful attacks. During her battle with Ash, Winona's Swellow easily defeated Ash's Grovyle and hit his Swellow many times, exhausting the normal coloured Pokemon. However Ash's Swellow eventually defeated it by using Wing Attack on the ground, blinding the shiny Swellow with sand before finishing it with Wing Attack.

Winona's Swellow influenced Ash's Swellow to learn Aerial Ace, having almost defeated it by using this move along with its other attacks.

Known moves

Move Episode
Aerial Ace Sky High Gym Battle
Hyper Beam Sky High Gym Battle
Peck Sky High Gym Battle
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


  • Winona's Swellow is the only shiny Pokemon to be owned by a Gym Leader.
  • Winona's Swellow used Hyper Beam several times and never needed to recharge.
  • Winona's Swellow is a shade of dark blue where a regular Swellow is blue, while in the games, this area on a shiny Swellow is green.

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