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Lavaridge town getting egg from old lady

The old woman talking to Brendan about for when getting the egg.

The Wild Egg is a glitch egg the player can obtain in Generation V games. Sometimes it hatches right after battle. Another version, Wild Manaphy Egg, is another glitch. This requires devices such as GameShark, Action Replay, or other forms of cheating devices or hacking to obtain these. There is also another wild egg in Pokémon Emerald. The way to get it is to go to Lavaridge Town and speak to the old lady next to the old man in the sand and talk to her (first you need to make a spot in your party). When the player gets the egg, walk around with the egg in your party, and eventually it will hatch into a Wynaut. Also, the player gets to keep the Pokémon instead of giving it back to the old lady.

Pokemon Emerald Lavaridge Town Old Lady by the pokemon center
Pokemon Diamond Hearthome City Hiker next to route 209
Pokemon Diamond Solaceon Town Day care lady

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