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Wide Guard
(ワイドガード Wide Guard)
Generation: V
Battle Data
Type: Type Rock
Category Type Status
Power: -
Accuracy: -%
PP: 10*
Affects: All Foes
Secondary Effect: None
Priority: 0
Contact: No
Affected by
Magic Coat: No
BrightPowder: No
Protect/Detect: No
Snatch: No
King's Rock: No
Contest Data
Contest Spectaculars (ORAS)
Type: Type Tough
Appeal: 1
Jam: 1

Wide Guard is a Rock-type move that is introduced in Generation V.


Wide Guard protects all Pokémon on the user's side of the field from enemy attacks that can target multiple Pokémon during the turn it is used. The chance of success will decrease to 50% if it is used with Fast Guard, Detect, Protect, and Endure consecutively.


Generation V

By Leveling Up

By Leveling Up
Pokémon type Level
Machamp Fighting --
Kingler Water --
Hitmonlee Fighting 41
Mr. Mime Psychic --
Hitmontop Fighting 46
Regigigas Normal 40
Throh Fighting 45
Tirtouga Water/Rock 25
Carracosta Water/Rock 25
Alomomola Water 53
Mienshao Fighting 45
* Bold indicates a Pokémon which receives STAB from this move

By Breeding

By Breeding
Pokémon type Level
Mantine Water/Flying Tirtouga, Carracosta
Mudkip Water Tirtouga, Carracosta
Makuhita Fighting Machamp
Hitmonlee, Hitmontop
Mr. Mime
Turtwig Grass Tirtouga, Carracosta
Shieldon Rock/Steel Tirtouga, Carracosta
Mantyke Water/Flying Tirtouga, Carracosta
Timburr Fighting Machamp
Hitmonlee, Hitmontop
Mr. Mime
* Bold indicates a Pokémon which receives STAB from this move
* indicates a Pokémon that can only learn the move through chain breeding

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