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For the variant appearing in the games, see Whitney.
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Whitney is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures, who is the Gym Leader of Goldenrod City in the Johto region.


Whitney is identical in appearance to her game counterpart.


Whitney has a more exuberant and arrogant personality than her game counterpart, as shown when she challenges Gold to a bicycle race around Cherrygrove City.


Gold & Silver arc

Whitney is recording a session at the Radio Tower with DJ Mary, when Gold bursts in. He notices a Smeargle sitting on the bench besides Mary, as Whitney berates him for interrupting their recording. When the manager gets angry at the two of them, Whitney directly blames the commotion on Gold, while he does the opposite. As reports flood in with positive reviews of the broadcast, Whitney is ecstatic that things worked out so well. She instantly hounds on Gold, stating that she was the one who gave Smeargle to Mary, and the two begin to bicker again. The manager alleviates the situation, announcing that Whitney and Gold will race one another from Cherrygrove City to the National Park and back. Whitney proclaims that she will win the race for Mary, as Gold tells her to stop bragging.

As the manager signals Whitney and Gold to get ready, she uses her Miltank's Spin Attack to knock Gold off balance. When Gold accuses her of cheating, Whitney informs him that there was no pre-ordained rule that said Pokémon were not allowed to be used. Whitney shoots ahead, with Gold in close pursuit. However, Whitney comes across a huge tree blocking the route, and the TV crew informs her that they cannot bypass it. Whitney expresses her anger that Gold will catch up to her, taking it out on the crew. Frustrated with waiting, Whitney orders her Miltank to attack the tree with Tackle, but it was able to withstand the attack. She is surprised at this, as Gold attempts to attack with his Exbo. Suddenly, the ground begins to shake, as a giant Rhydon appears and kidnaps Whitney.

Gold uses the Sudowoodo to attempt a surprise attack on the Rhydon, which successfully pries Whitney from its grip. However, in the fall, Whitney breaks her arm. When they return to the Goldenrod Radio Tower, Gold proclaims himself as the victor, which prompts Whitney to state that she will win, if they ever hold a rematch.

Crystal arc

Whitney then faced off against an ice replica of Suicune, which nevertheless was able to decimate all of her Pokémon. However, with assistance from Pryce, Whitney was able to defeat it. Later, during the Gym Leader tournament, Whitney is arranged to fight against Misty, which ultimately results in her defeat.

However, she managed to prove herself useful for once as she was the first to discover the Masked Man's identity who was actually Pryce, the gym leader she befriended. (Though Pryce was suspected by Morty, Gold and Suicune.) She also revealed how the Masked Man and Pryce could be at the same place, explaining that Pryce created a robot disguised as the Masked Man and controlled it via morse code with his cane.

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HeartGold & SoulSilver arc

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On hand

Pokémon Information
Whitney's Miltank Adventures
Miltank is Whitney's strongest Pokémon, used mainly during her bicycle race with Gold, where it attempted to hold off a Rhydon, but got defeated. Later, Miltank faced off against an ice replica of Suicune, and was again easily defeated. When it fought against Misty's Starmie during the Gym Leader tournament, it was easily defeated.
Mil Mil
Pokémon Information
Whitney's Cleffa
Cleffa was used in Whitney's fight against the ice replica of Suicune.
Pokémon Information
Whitney's Igglybuff
Igglybuff was used in Whitney's fight against the ice replica of Suicune.
Buff Buff
Pokémon Information
Whitney's Smeargle
Smeargle was a Pokémon that belonged to Whitney, before she gave it to Mary prior to the start of the Gold, Silver and Crystal Chapter. It was first seen drawing upon Gold's face while he was asleep. Smeargle was then chased around Goldenrod City by Gold, but he was unable to catch it.
Smea Smea


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