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For the variant appearing in the games, see Rosa (game).
(ファイツ Whi-Two)
Gender: Female
Region: Unova
Family: Whi-Two's mother
Friends: Lack-Two, Hugh
Class: Trainer
Former member of Team Plasma
First Appearance: B2W2001

Whi-Two is a main character in the Black 2 & White 2 chapter in Pokémon Adventures and the manga counterpart of Rosa. She was a member of Team Plasma when N was king of Team Plasma in the Black & White chapter, but was forced to flee Team Plasma once N was defeated.


Whi-Two has brown hair and blue eyes. She wears a pink and white tennis visor instead of a hat and has her hair tied up into two large buns fastened with yellow ribbons and has pigtails hanging down to her waist. She wears a pink tank top tied with a bow around her neck like a halter top under a sky blue and white quarter length top with a fully pink semi-Poké Ball printed on the chest area. Along with the tops she wears frilly flared yellow shorts over opaque black tights with pink socks. Her hi-top shoes are sky blue and white with yellow laces.


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Black 2 & White 2 arc

Whi-Two first appeared with her mother in the Black & White arc. After the defeat of Team Plasma, Whi-Two and her mother fled to Aspertia City. She changed her clothes in the first round of the Black 2 & White 2 arc. She learned at the Trainers' School, where she met her friends Lack-Two and Hugh.

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