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<br>(Sinnoh League Victors)
<br>(Sinnoh League Victors)
* Extended Version of this song was used in [[DP191: Memories are Made of Bliss!|Memories are Made of Bliss!]] in fight between [[Flint (Sinnoh)|Flint]] and [[Cynthia]]
[[Category:Pokémon Theme Songs]]
[[Category:Pokémon Theme Songs]]

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We Will Carry On!
We Will Cary On!
An image from the opening
Artist: Adam Elk
Opening 13
We Will Carry On is the thirteenth opening theme song for Pokémon and the opening for Pokémon: DP Sinnoh League Victors.


♪ It's about you,
It's about me,
It's about hope,
It's about dreams.
It's about friends that work together,
To claim their destiny.

It's about reaching for the sky,
Having the courage,
And willing to try.

It's about never giving up,
So hold your head up,
And we will carry on,
(Sinnoh League Victors)
Pokémon! ♪


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