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Waterfall Cave

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Waterfall Cave
Floors 8
Game Explorers of Time and Darkness & Explorers of Sky

Waterfall Cave is the fourth dungeon in Explorers of Time and Darkness and Explorers of Sky.


You and your partner are assigned to do your first Exploration Job by Chatot. He asks if you can see if the waterfall contains any secret of any kind. When you go there, it seems that nothing was there. When you and your partner touch the waterfall, you realize that it is flowing hard. But wait, another dizzy spell occurs! The vision entails that a Pokemon leaped through the waterfall and a cave was beneath it. Your partner gave it some thought, and decided that you and your partner should jump through. After you do that, you realize that the vision is correct. Soon exploring the dungeon, you find a room full of beautiful gems and a large gem in the middle. Your partner decides to take it, but he didn't succeed. You try to pull it out as well, but again, no success. Your partner tries to do it, but as he/she is, you have another vision. This vision shows that it was the same Pokemon pushed the gem and it triggered the flood. The vision ends, and at the same time, your partner stops trying. You try to warm him/her of the danger, but you don't and your partner pushes the gem. A tremor is caused, followed by the flood. The water pushes you out of the cave, and to the faraway Hot Springs. After that, you are found unconscious by other Pokemon. The owner of the Hot Springs (Torkoal) explains the place. You in return explain your journey, for Torkoal is surprised at. He offers that you and your partner stay to wash away the fatigue.

After some time, you go back to the guild, explaining your whole gem. Your partner says that he/she is sorry for not being able to bring back the large gem, but Chatot reassures you that you have made a discovery. Meanwhile, you are having your suspicions about the Pokemon that you saw in your visions. You gave it thought, and realized it was Wigglytuff. After your partner's discussion with Chatot, you interrupt, saying your suspicions about the Pokemon. Chatot is surprised by the accusation that Wigglytuff may have gone to Waterfall Cave.

Pokemon Encountered

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