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Water Veil

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Water Veil is an ability in which the user is immune to getting burned.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#118 Goldeen 118 Type Water Natural
#119 Seaking 119 Type Water Natural
#226 Mantine 226 Type WaterType Flying Dream World
#320 Wailmer 320 Type Water Natural
#321 Wailord 321 Type Water Natural
#367 Huntail 367 Type Water Dream World
#418 Buizel 418 Type Water Dream World
#419 Floatzel 419 Type Water Dream World
#456 Finneon 456 Type Water Dream World
#457 Lumineon 457 Type Water Dream World
#458 Mantyke 458 Type WaterType Flying Dream World
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