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Wallace Cup

The Wallace Cup is a special Pokémon Contest hosted and judged by Sootopolis City Gym Leader (Ruby and Sapphire) and/or Hoenn Champion (Emerald), the master Coordinator and Champion of Hoenn, Wallace.


The Wallace Cup lasts for 3 days, and is hosted at various locations through the world. The most recent one was hosted at Lake Valor in Sinnoh, with the prize being the Aqua Ribbon that counts towards any region's Grand Festival, not merely that of the region it is won in.

For this reason, Coordinators migrated from all around the nation to compete in it.

The coordinators may use water type Pokémon, as they have much advantage to the field where the exhibits are competing but not all are of this type, because, for example May used Beautifly, Venusaur, Skitty and Glaceon in the Cup.

The Aqua Ribbon used for any contest, and Great Festival worldwide, this is counted as one contest Ribbon normal, but that is universal to all regions.

The jury is Nurse Joy, Mr Sukizo, Raul Contesta, Plubio, and as a presenter and co-presenter, Jessie (disguised as Jessilina).

In "Goodbye Junior Cup, Hello Adventure" it was confirmed that the next one was to be held in Ecruteak City in the Johto Region but the only known competitor is Dawn.


Day 1

Appeals Round (Single Performance or Double Performance) –

Only the 16 lucky coordinators can move on to the Battle Round the next day

Day 2

Battle Round (Single Battle or Double Battle) –

Rounds 1 and 2

Day 3

Battle Round (Single Battle or Double Battle) –

Semifinals to finals


Coordinators Pokémon used
EP547_Maya_con_Pachirisu.png File:Piplup(P)Sprite.pngFile:Ambipom(P)SpriteFemale.pngFile:Pachirisu(P)Sprite.pngFile:Buneary(P)Sprite.png
EP548_Aura_con_Beautifly.png File:HGSSWartortle.pngFile:Venusaur HGSS (Male).pngFile:Glaceon(P)Sprite.pngFile:Skitty(DPP)Sprite.pngFile:Beautifly(DPP)SpriteMale.png
EP547_Shellos_usando_bomba_lodo.png File:PlatinumGlameow.pngFile:PlatinumFinneon(M).pngFile:HGSSMisdreavus.pngFile:PlatinumPinkShellos.png
EP540_Ash_%282%29.png File:Buizel(P)SpriteMale.png
EP457_Jessie_%282%29.png File:HGSSMaleWobbuffet.png
EP547_Kyle_%283%29.png File:HGSSLanturn.pngFile:DPPtCrawdaunt.pngFile:HGSSCloyster.png


Pokémon and Coordinator Description of the Presentations Movements Used
EP546_Wartortle_y_Aura_%282%29.png Wartortle starts leaving his Poké Ball with a lot of pink bubbles, then stands on his front legs and showing his beautiful tail. When the bubbles end up falling fast spin Wartortle uses on water, bouncing well above it, then suspended in the air using aqua tail, creating a large amount of brightness, the end crashes his tail against the floor and uses a small jet of water to create a small rainbow on May, final mind posing next to her. Rapid Spin

Aqua Tail Water Gun

EP546_Maya_con_Ambipom_%282%29.png Ambipom starts coming out of her Poké Ball, making a dance between two hearts beat, then prepares, jumps and speed on water use and creating columns of water, the end use Focus Punch on the water to create two huge waves crashing at the end to produce an enormous arc of water. Double Hit

Swift Focus Punch

EP546_Finneon_de_Zoe.png Finneon of Zoey starts spinning out of his Poké Ball with flames around it, until it plunges into the water while swimming in the water, use Holy Veil in order to create a beautiful green light that is reflected through the water, then leave the water and use silver wind on this, looking so beautiful silver wind slings and finally uses cascading water column climbing and jumping from it with a beautiful pose in the end falls into the water next to Zoey. Waterfall

Safeguard Silver Wind

EP546_Buizel_de_Ash.png Buizel starts leaving his stamp Poké Ball with this scattered electric green rays hitting them, then it uses aqua jet Zig-zag over the water, then stops inflating its float in the neck and are thus suspended in water, then use sonic boom driven out of the water and end up using water gun and water on the wall in front of judges, creating a glow that falls on them. At the end Buizel Ash falls to the side of doing a victory pose. Aqua Jet

Water Gun SonicBoom

EP546_Wobbuffet_de_Jessie.png Wobbuffet starts coming out of his floral stamped Poké Ball that lies on the floor and starts to roll while falling on the flowers. Then Wobbuffet and Jesselina run to each other and are so striking between the two, while running Wobbuffet used Counter and colliding with Jesselina, this gives back the power of impact, making Jesselina fly out. and finally she falls on the head of Wobbuffet. Counter
EP546_Cloyster.png The Kyle Cloyster using Spike Cannon. Spike Cannon
EP546_Chatot.png Appears a Chatot using Sing. Sing
EP546_Vulpix.png Appears a Vulpix using Fire Spin. Fire Spin
EP546_Sharpedo.png Appears a Sharpedo using Aqua Jet. Aqua Jet
EP546_Venomoth.png Appears a Venomoth using Gust. Gust


Other contestants

  • Jessie - Lost in the Appeals Round.
  • Ursula- Lost in the Appeals Round (Not shown in the episode.)

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