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Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Walkthrough List Part 2

Littleroot Town

Ruby-Sapphire Littleroot Town

Littleroot Town, the place where you begin.

You will awake in the back of a moving truck in Littleroot Town after that you've moved all the way from Johto. After that you've are of from the truck, your mother starts talking to you and is taking you into your new home. In the living room you will see Machoke's moving the boxes around the place. She then tells you that you should check out your new room and that your father bought you a new clock which you must mark the time on which you must go upstairs to do it. Once after that you've put the time of the clock your mother will come and talk to you again saying that everything has been finished and then she goes back to the living room downstairs. Before you also go to the living room check out your PC, there is a Potion stored that you can take.

Once being in the living room your mother starts to call you saying that your father is on television, but once you are getting there the show is over. Your mother then says that one of your father's friends is living in Littleroot Town a man named Professor Birch. Your mother says that he lives right next door and that you must introduce yourself.

Going to your new neighbours, once entering their house, the wife of Professor Birch starts to come to you of enthusiasm. She asks you who you are which after telling your name to her she then says that she has also a daughter May ()/son Brendan () the same ago as you. She says that her daughter/son was excited of making a new friend and said that she/he is upstairs.

Go upstairs and talk to May or Brendan. She/He then asks you who you are which after introducing yourself he/she starts to introduce their self to you. She/He then tells that she has a dream to become friends will all Pokémons over the entire world. She/He then says that he has heard about you from her/his father Professor Birch. Once talking to her/him, she/he then says that she/he has to go to help her/his father capturing wild Pokémon which she/he leaving her/his room. After that you've talk to May/Brendan, go to Route 101 one of the characters who was on guard heard someone calling for help! Go to route 101 to figure out what is happening.

Townspeople Conversations

Littleroot Town
Person A File:Person A.PNG "If you see a PC, you can store items and Pokémons. The power of science is staggering!"
Person B File:Person B.PNG "Professor Birch spends days in his LAB studying, then he'll go suddenly go out in the wild do more research...When does Professor Birch spends time at home?"
Person C File:Person C (first time).PNG "If you go in the tall grass at the sides of this road, wild Pokémon will appear."
Person C File:Person C (second time).PNG "I can hear someone shouting down the road here. What should I do? What should we do? Somebody has to go help..."
Person C File:Person C (third time).PNG "Boy, I am glad you went and rescued the professor."
Professor Birch Assistant File:Professor Birch's Assistant (First Time).PNG "Hunh? Professor Birch? Professor is away on fieldwork. Ergo, he isn't here. Oh, let me explain what fieldwork is. It is to study things in the natural environment, like fields and mountains, instead of a laboratory. The professor isn't the one for doing desk work. He's the type of person who would rather go outside and experience things than read about them here."
Professor Birch Assistant File:Professor Birch's Assistant (Second Time).PNG "Professor Birch is studying the habitats and distribution of Pokémon. The Professor enjoys May/Brendan's help too. There's a lot of love there."

Route 101

Route 101

Route 101.

Pokémon Only Levels Where Rate
263 Zigzagoon R S 2 3 RSE Grass Sprite Walking 45%
265 Wurmple R S E 2 3 RSE Grass Sprite Walking 45%
261 Poochyena R S 2 3 RSE Grass Sprite Walking 10%

After that you've entered Route 101, you will see Professor Birch running rounds from a Poochyena. He then says that you must help him by taking one of the Pokémons in his bag. There are three Pokémons containing to be the Hoenn region Starter Pokémons, but you must choose wisely because one of the three will become your starter Pokémon:

Starter Pokémons
File:Treecko RS.png File:Torchic RS.png File:Mudkip RS.png
Treecko Torchic Mudkip
Type Grass Type Fire Type Water

Starter Pokémons Evolutions
File:Treecko RS.png File:Grovyle RS.png File:Sceptile RS.png
Treecko Level 16 Grovyle Level 36 Sceptile
File:Torchic RS.png File:Combusken RS.png File:Blaziken RS.png
Torchic Level 16 Combusken Level 36 Blaziken
File:Mudkip RS.png File:Marshtomp RS.png File:Swampert RS.png
Mudkip Level 16 Marshtomp Level 36 Swampert

You will battle the Poochyena after that you've choose one of the three Pokémons in Professor Birch's bag.

Pokémon Battle
Level 2

After that you've defeated the Poochyena that was attacking Professor Birch, Professor Birch thanks you and brings you to his laboratory. He will talk to you and as thanks he will give you the Pokémon from Route 101 that you've picked up to keep it. He then asks if you would like to see his daughter/son May/Brendan. Well you have to accept that offer of his, so you must meet May/Brendan at Route 203.

Route people conversations

Route People Conversation
Person A File:Person A (Route 101).PNG "Wild Pokémon will jump out at you tall grass. If you want to catch Pokémon, you have to go into the tall grass and search."
Person B File:Person B (Route 101).PNG "If Pokémon get tired, take them to a Pokémon Center. There's a Pokémon Center in Oldale Town right close by."

Oldale Town

Ruby-Sapphire Oldale Town

Oldale Town.

After that you've saved the professor and obtained your very first Pokémon at Route 101, he asks you to see May/Brendan at Route 103, but to get there you must pass Oldale Town.

Once you've arrived there, talk to the man with a PokéMart dress. He will show you the way to the PokéMart and will evenly give you a free Potion. You go up north to get to Route 103 and to encourage May/Brendan.

Oldale Town
"Where things start off scarce."

Townspeople Conversations

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