Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Walkthrough
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This page contains to be the walkthrough list of the two video games: Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire released for the Game Boy Advance. Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire is the third generation in the Pokémon series.


  • Part 1 — From Littleroot Town until Petalburg City.
  • Part 2 — From Petalburg City until Rustboro City.
  • Part 3 — From Rustboro City until Dewford Town.


You will enter the title screen of one of the two vide games. Press on the A button to contineu and then press A again to continue with New Game. You will see Professor Birch introducing himself to you and explaining a little about the Pokémon world and the world that you are going to explorer. He then ask who you are which you can pick between a Male player or a Female player.

Male Player Female Player
Male Player Female Player

If you choose one of those two he then asks for your name. You can enter your own name but there are already suggestion named been created both players of different genders which these names are:

Male Player Female Player
Landon Terra
Terry Kimmy
Seth Nicola
Tom Sara

After that you've chooses a player that you like and inserted his/her name with your own, different or with one of the suggestion names, Professor Birch will talk for a little bit. In the end he will say that he is going to expect you in his laboratory later which your adventure begins.

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