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Name Selection (Pokémon Red)

The four options for choosing your name

The game starts out with Professor Oak talking to you about the world of Pokémon and Pokémon themselves. After a bit of dialogue, you are given the option to choose your name. You have four options for your character's name:

  • Red
  • Ash
  • Jack
  • Or giving your own name

After choosing your name, you are to choose your rival's name. You have four options for your rival's name:

  • Blue
  • Gary
  • John
  • Or giving your own name
Starting Location (Pokémon Red)

The room you start your adventure in

The gameplay starts off with your character in a room next to a TV with a gaming system. If you press the (A) button while in front of the gaming system, it will tell you that your character is playing the SNES.

PC Interaction (Pokémon Red)

Interacting with the PC

Before leaving your room, go over to the PC in the corner of the room. You have a few options of what you want to do while at the PC. Select Withdraw item, once on the withdrawal screen you'll be asked what you'd like to withdraw. Select the Potion from the withdrawal screen. Once you are done, select cancel and then select log off.

Go downstairs and talk to your mother, she'll tell you how all boys leave home one day. You have the option to watch the TV where four boys are walking along railroad tracks.

Meeting Blue (Pokémon Red)

Meeting Blue

Leave the house and go over to the larger building on the right. This building is the laboratory. Walking to the back of the laboratory will take you to a table with three Poké Balls. Talk to the person next to the table to find out that Professor Oak currently is not there. This character is Blue, your rival.

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