This section will cover the first part of the journey - Sandgem Town, Twinleaf Town, Route 202.

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Sandgem Town

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Dawn/Lucas will greet you at Sandgem Town. Then he/she will bring you inside. Just as you are about to enter the lab, Barry came out and bump onto you. Barry then said Prof. Rowan is very nice, then run away. Dawn/Lucas commented your friend that he is very impatient. Then he/she then bring you inside.

Platinum - Sandgem Town 1

In the lab there's a fridge! If you open it up you'll find plenty of delicious treats. Does Professor Rowan have a bit of a sweet tooth?

Platinum - Sandgem Town 7

Prof. Rowan asks to look at the Pokémon he gave you back on Route 201, and his response is quite positive - your starter Pokémon is happy to be with you, which makes Professor Rowan happy and he's also quite happy to tell you so. Since you've grown so close to your first Pokémon, Professor Rowan wants you to travel throughout the Sinnoh region and meet many, many more Pokémon. He'll give you a Pokédex, which will help you (and him) keep track of what you've seen and caught. Then he asked whether you want to give your Pokémon a nickname.

Platinum - Sandgem Town 2

Prof. Rowan then looked at your Pokémon and then said that you are a suitable canditate to do his task - recording the Pokédex. If you replied 'No', he will say '...', then ask you whether you want to do this task. You must replied 'Yes'. Then Lucas/Dawn will talk to you about the Pokémon he/she chose - that's the Pokémon you and your rival did not choose. Then, he/she will leave the lab.

Platinum - Sandgem Town 3

When you go out of the lab, Prof. Rowan follow you at the entrance, shouting your name. He give you TM27 Return, and tell you that this technical machines can only be used once. Then he return to his lab.

Platinum - Sandgem Town 4

Then, Lucas/Dawn will act as an mentor, and bring you around the Sandgem Town, guiding you. He/She will tell you about the various buildings that can be found all over Sinnoh.

Platinum - Sandgem Town 5

Then, she tell you to inform your family that you are going away for a big task that Prof. Rowan had given you. So you have to go back to your house and inform your Mum. Then, Lucas/Dawn will leave the town to Route 202. Before you go to tell someone

Platinum - Sandgem Town 6

Pokémon Centers are great because they're located in every town, the people inside often have useful info, and at the desk you can heal your Pokémon's HP and PP. The first place you visit when you enter a new town should always be the Pokémon Center. The Pokémon Wi-Fi Club is under renovation right now, but come back after you visit Oreburgh City and it will be open for business. Visit the second floor of the Pokémon Wireless Club, where you can take part in link battles and trades. Talk to the girl at the far left reception desk to sign the back of your Trainer Card using your Stylus.

Platinum - Sandgem Town 8

The assistant's house is also in Sandgem Town, so drop by for a visit and meet Dawn's/Lucas's little sister and grandfather.

The Pokémart is the place to go for all kinds of items. If there are two

Head to Twinleaf Town now.

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