This section will cover the first part of the journey - Twinleaf Town, Route 201, Lake Verity.

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Twinleaf Town

Main article: Twinleaf Town

New Adventure Starts!

You watch finish the programme on Prof. Rowan in your house.

Platinum - Twinleaf Town 1

After that, your friend (I call him 'Barry'), will come up and talk to you. He will then say to meet Prof. Rowan to get Pokémon. Then, he suddenly went towards your PC, and asked whether it is a new PC. Then, he went back to you and talk to you about Prof. Rowan again. Then he run down the stairs.

Platinum - Twinleaf Town 2

Go downstairs and your Mum will talk to you about Barry. Then when you are about to leave the house, your Mum then warn you about the danger of entering the grasses at Route 201. So keep this in mind and head out the building.

Platinum - Twinleaf Town 3

Head to your friend's house, which is at the northwest part of the town. When you are about to enter the building, your friend bumped onto you. Then he said he was going to meet Prof. Rowan. Then he walked away, stopped, and ran back to the house, saying that he forget something. Really impatient.

Platinum - Twinleaf Town 4

Enter his house and head upstairs. He is seen packing his bag, then he warn you that he will fine you $10 million if you are late and run downstairs and out of the house. Follow him to Route 201.

Platinum - Twinleaf Town 5

Route 201

Get Your First Pokémon

Main article: Route 201

Head north of the town to go to Route 201. Your friend is waiting for you. He just now state that he wanted to visit Prof. Rowan. The only thing is, Prof. Rowan's lab is located at Sandgem Town, and you need to get pass the grass patches to reach there. And it is dangerous to do so without a Pokémon. Your friend then suggest that you and him will dash towards there, and if encounter any Pokémon, run away quickly. Then, your friend back away, ready to run. And run...

Platinum - Route 201 1

...until a voice shouted "Hold it!". Your friend stop in front of you, and Prof. Rowan approached from behind. Prof. Rowan asked you both whether you have any Pokémon, which you both do not. Prof. Rowan will give a lecture and scold you both for doing such act.

Platinum - Route 201 2

Prof. Rowan then realised that you both do that act just to get a Pokémon. Then, Prof. Rowan ask you a question whether you truly love Pokémon. If you reply 'Yes', he will entrust his Pokémon to you.

Platinum - Route 201 3

Then, Prof. Rowan's grandkid, Dawn (if you choose boy) or Lucas (if you choose girl) will appear from behind and bring the briefcase the professor left at Lake Verity. Prof. Rowan then allow you to choose a Pokémon from the box.

Platinum - Route 201 4

Choose wisely as it will be your partner for the rest of your journey. You can choose Turtwig, Chimchar or Piplup. I will choose Chimchar, since I choose Turtwig for Pokémon Diamond and Piplup for Pokémon Pearl last time. If you choose Turtwig, Barry will choose Chimchar; if you choose Chimchar, Barry will choose Piplup; if you choose Piplup, Barry will choose Piplup. Barry always choose the Pokémon that is against yours, so be prepared.

Platinum - Route 201 5

Rival Battle #1

Platinum - Route 201 6

Then, Prof. Rowan and his grandkid will leave the place. Your friend then asked you whether you are up for something. It's a battle actually, and you must battle with him to continue.

Platinum - Route 201 7

Pokémon Trainer Barry
Pt 387 front/Pt 390 front/Pt 393 front 
Lv. 5
Money: 500

Twinleaf Town

After the battle, both of you go home. Your Mum then do something in the kitchen, before settling down and talk to you. She heard about the incident, then tell you to thank Prof. Rowan in Sandgem Town. Then, she gives you a pair of Running Shoes so that you can reach the town quickly. Press and hold the B button while holding a direction key to run. Proceed to Route 201 now.

Platinum - Twinleaf Town 6

Route 201

Your rival is standing there waiting for you. He said that he heard about the legendary Pokémon in Lake Verity. He wanted to catch that Pokémon, so head to Lake Verity now.

Platinum - Route 201 8

Lake Verity

Main article: Lake Verity

When you enter the lake, you saw a strange man with blue hair, standing next to the lake. He revealed himself as Cyrus, talking to the lake. Then he will leave the lake.

Platinum - Lake Verity 1

After this, Barry will talk to you about catching the Pokémon. Suddenly, there is a voice coming from the lake. Barry then walked towards the lake, looking around. Then he went back to you and said that that was actually the sound of that legendary Pokémon. Then, he will leave the place and race you to Sandgem Town.

Platinum - Lake Verity 2

That sound was actually the legendary Pokémon, Mesprit. You don't have to care about it right now, leave the place, and head to Sandgem Town via Route 201.

Route 201

Before heading to Sandgem Town, talk to the man standing at the grass patch. He reveals himself as a worker of a Pokémon Mart. He will give you a free sample of Potion.

Platinum - Route 201 9

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