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Ilex Forest

Main article: Ilex Forest

Ilex Forest is a big forest maze. Make sure you don't get lost inside.

HGSS - Ilex Forest 1

Missing Farfetch'ds

A man is standing in the forest. He approaches you for help to look for his two Farfetch'ds.

HGSS - Ilex Forest 2

He tells you that Farfetch'd have sensitive ears, when you step on the branch, it will look at the direction.

HGSS - Ilex Forest 3

In order to catch it, you must sneak from behind. After you successfully captured the first Farfetch'd, he tell you to find another Farfetch'd. Head back to the forest and capture the second one. This one is more difficult, talk to it so it will run away. After that, step on branches to force it to look at another direction. Stand sneak towards it and capture it.

HGSS - Ilex Forest 4

The woodcutter is very happy, and said that the two Farfetch'd disobey because he has no badges. Then his boss came and talk to you, and glad that you found the Farfetch'd as without it, they can't make Charcoal. He then give you HM01 Cut. Now you can access the northern part of the forest.

HGSS - Ilex Forest 5

Learn Headbutt

When you move deeper to the right side of the forest, you will see a man run towards the tree and hit himself with a loud thud. Talk to him to see why. He is willing to teach your Pokémons to use Headbutt. He can teach more than one Pokémon. With Headbutt, you can hit the trees, like the ones in this forest, so that a Pokémon will fell down. Certain Pokémon can only be found on trees - like Heracross. You can get a Hoothoot during the day by using Headbutt, although it is nocturnal.

HGSS - Ilex Forest 6

Kimono Girl Again

Do you remember a Kimono Girl approaches you after receiving an Egg from Violet City? This girl appeared in the forest, apparently she is lost in the woods. She asked you whether you know the way out. You don't know the way out, even though you replied 'Yes'.

HGSS - Ilex Forest 7

Then your lead Pokémon (the one that follows you) walked forward and towards the left, signalling the girl that the exit is at that direction. The girl appreciate your Pokémon's help and walk away.

HGSS - Ilex Forest 8

Get TM12 Taunt

When you reach the northern exit of the forest, talk to the lady with a Butterfree beside her. She will give you TM12 Taunt.

HGSS - Ilex Forest 9

Route 34

Main article: Route 34

Childhood Friend and the Day Care Center

When you head up north, you will see your childhood friend Ethan/Lyra talking to an old man next to a house. He/She then thanked the old man for raising his/her Pokémon. Then he/she saw you and introduced to the man. Then he/she bring you inside the house, and say that this is the Day Care Center, where you can raise Pokémon. He/She introduce you to the old lady, which she mistakenly, or rather jokingly, assumed that the two of you are in a relationship.

HGSS - Route 34 1

Then, Ethan/Lyra gives you his/her phone number, then leave the building.

HGSS - Route 34 2

When you leave the building, the Day-Care Man gives you his number, as well as the Day-Care Lady's number. He call you about the conditions of the Pokémon you leave in the Day Care Center, and see whether they produce an Egg.

HGSS - Route 34 3

For more about breeding-related things, refer to this page "Breeding".

Goldenrod City

Main article: Goldenrod City

Goldenrod Department Store

The huge city have a big department store, selling many kind of goods that regular Poké Mart do not sell. Besides purchasing Poké Balls or Potions, you can buy Technical Machine, items like Iron and Zinc, and vending machines at the top floor. You can pick up some item in the basement too.

At the top floor, talk to the lady at the counter to get a lucky draw for $300. You will get 3 different possible prizes. Talk to the first lady to know what are the prizes are.

HGSS - Goldenrod City 1

Goldenrod City Game Corner

This small game corner allows you to win coins to exchange for items. Enter the building, and talk to the man behind the game machine to get Coin Case so that you can get coins. Then go to the front to play. Choose one out of the 25 tiles. If you hit a 1, you will get one coin. If you hit 2, you get 2 coins, and so on. But, if you hit a Voltorb, all your winnings become zero. However, you can get coins when you end the game after you collected some amount of coins.

If you have collected enough coins, exchange your coins for an item or Pokémon from the two men sitting on the chair.

HGSS - Goldenrod City 2

Johto-Kanto Magnet Train Line

There is a train station located in this bustling city. However, the train to Kanto have not arrived yet, and the man guarding it said jokingly that he will carry the passengers on his back to Kanto. You can access the train after you become the Pokémon Champion.

HGSS - Goldenrod City 3

The Global Terminal

The Global Terminal is located at the east side of the city, crossing a bridge. This is the place where you can trade your Pokémon overnight using Nintendo's Wi-Fi. It is the same place as the one in Jubilife City of Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum games.

HGSS - Goldenrod City 5

Bike Shop Goldenrod Branch

The bicycle shop is located near the Goldenrod Department Store, but you have to travel around the buildings to access the shop. The man says he had no business and no people visit his shop. He requested whether you can advertise the bicycle for him. If you agree, he will give you a bicycle. Cool, now you can reach your destination faster than before. You can register your bicycle by clicking on the 'Items' button on the menu screen, Key Item, then select Bicycle and register it. Then press the 'Y' button or the button on the Touch Screen to ride your Bicycle. One important thing - you cannot ride it at someone house!

HGSS - Goldenrod City 6

Name Rater

A tent that is found at the northern part of the town can rate your Pokémon names, and also change the nickname of your Pokémon.

HGSS - Goldenrod City 7

Goldenrod City Tunnel

There is a tunnel that runs through the city. When you first enter the tunnel, Ethan/Lyra and his/her Marill greets you. He/She gives you a Fashion Case that allows you to dress your Pokémon at the underground downstairs.

HGSS - Goldenrod City 8

There are several trainers found at downstairs, as well as some shops.

Gym Leader not Here

The gym leader, Whitney, of the gym in the city is not in her gym. She say that she wanted to get a Radio Card for her PokéGear. So, head to the Radio Tower now.

HGSS - Goldenrod City 9

Goldenrod City Radio Tower

The radio tower is found next to the train station. You will see Whitney, standing next to the counter. Apparently she is trying to answer all the quiz correctly.

HGSS - Goldenrod City 4

Talk to the woman on the right of the counter to answer the quiz. The answer is: Yes, Yes, No, Yes, No. After you answered all the quiz correctly, she gives you a Radio Card. Then, Whitney talked to you and said about the third question. Then she said she was going back to her gym, then she walks off.

HGSS - Goldenrod City 10

Now head to the gym.

Goldenrod City Gym

The gym uses Normal-type Pokémon. This gym is not quite special as compared to other gym. There is a towering platform that can be accessed by the staircase. Go through the archways to get to the gym leader. It is recommended that you bring a Fighting-type Pokémon for this gym, as it is super effective against Normal-type Pokémon.

HGSS - Goldenrod City 11

Gym Leader Whitney

Whitney have two strong Normal-type Pokémon. She likes her Pokémon to 'attract' your Pokémon so that she have an advantage. Be careful of using physical attack on Clefairy, as it has an ability Cute Charm that cause your Pokémon to fell in love with it. And Miltank, the most irritating of all, can use Attract, and its HP and defense is exceedingly high. So bring a lot of potions.

HGSS - Goldenrod City 12

Leader Whitney
HGSS 035 front HGSS 241 front
Lv. 17 Lv. 19
Normal Normal
- -
Money: 2280

After you win the battle, Whitney will burst into tears, calling you a meanie. She did not give you a badge, so down. Then the lass standing below will then explain to you that Whitney always cry when she loses, then tell you to talk to her again.

HGSS - Goldenrod City 13

Whitney then come to her senses and give you a Plain Badge, which allows you to use Strength outside of battle. Then she gives you TM45 Attract.

HGSS - Goldenrod City 14

She also tells you that Pokéathlon Dome is open next to the National Park. You have no idea what it is, so maybe you should go and visit.

HGSS - Goldenrod City 15

Goldenrod Flower Shop

Soon after you get yourself a badge, head to the small house next to the gym. Talk to the girl to get Squirtbottle, as it will be useful later.

HGSS - Goldenrod City 16

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