This is a section of the Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Walkthrough, click here to go back to the main page if you want to select other sections or read the introduction. This page is a walkthrough for the following place: Route 32, Union Cave, Route 33, Azalea Town and Slowpoke Well.

For Ruins of Alph, please refer to the other section (not available yet).

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Route 32

Main article: Route 32

The area that connected this area are Violet City from the north, Ruins of Alph from northwest and Union Cave at the extreme south. A Pokémon Center can be found here. Next to it, there is a man selling Slowpoketail for $1,000,000, which you cannot even buy since the maximum amount of money you can hold is $999,999.

Get Miracle Seed

You can pass the man in Route 32 after you obtain the Zephyr Badge from Falkner. He will give you Miracle Seed, a hold-item that boost Grass-type moves.

HGSS - Route 32 1

Get Old Rod

In the Pokémon Center, talk to the fisherman there and reply 'Yes' to receive the Old Rod from him.

HGSS - Route 32 2

Get Lure Ball

In the Pokémon Center, talk to the man at the left side, near the entrance. Tell him that whether you collect Apricorn. Choosing either option will still give you 2 Lure Balls.

HGSS - Route 32 3

Union Cave

Main article: Union Cave

A cave that connects Route 32, Route 33 and Ruins of Alph.

There are multiple trainers here - mostly Rock-type and some Fire-type. There is a basement here too. Walk all the way south at the first floor to exit the cave to Route 33.

HGSS - Union Cave 1

Route 33

Main article: Route 33

A small route with two Apricorn trees (Pnk and Blk Apricorn) and a trainer with Geodude and Machop. This route is always raining. Proceed to Azalea Town.

HGSS - Route 33 1

Azalea Town

Main article: Azalea Town

When you are heading to the town, you see a strange man in black talking to another man. This strange man reveals himself as a member of Team Rocket. This grunt push away the man, and the man run away to the town. He then positioned himself in front of the well, guarding it.

HGSS - Azalea Town 1

Right now, the town's gym is blocked by a Team Rocket grunt. You have to somehow chase them away. Read on to continue.


Enter the house that is next to a Wht Apricorn tree. Talk to the old man, and he reveals himself as Kurt. He then talk about the dirty work by Team Rocket, and then took off towards the well. Now you can access the well.

HGSS - Azalea Town 2

Slowpoke Well

Main article: Slowpoke Well

Slowpoke Well is located at the east of Azalea Town, where you enter the town from Route 33.

HGSS - Slowpoke Well 1

When you climb down the well, you meet Kurt. He said that he shouted at the Team Rocket, which chase him down the well. Then he tumbled into it, and he can't move. He ask you to go and chase away those Team Rocket grunts.

HGSS - Slowpoke Well 2

Enter the cave and battle with the Team Rockets.

HGSS - Slowpoke Well 3

When you reach the last Team Rocket, you will see that it is their leader. He is Executive Proton. He has two Pokémon.

HGSS - Slowpoke Well 4

Executive Proton
HGSS 041 front HGSS 109 front
Lv. 8 Lv. 12
Poison Poison
Flying -
Money: 480

After you win the battle, Proton said something about making profit from the Slowpoke tails. Then the whole group retreats.

HGSS - Slowpoke Well 5

Kurt will appear and check on the Slowpokes. Then he thanked you, and leave the place.

HGSS - Slowpoke Well 6

Azalea Town

Kurt's Thanks

After you get rid of the Team Rocket from the Slowpoke Well, Kurt will bring you to his home. He is very glad that you help him, and give you a Fast Ball. He then said whether you have Apricorns for him to make Poké Balls. If you give him certain types of Apricorn, he will make a type of Poké Ball (i.e. Blk Apricorn for Heavy Ball, for more info, click here).

HGSS - Azalea Town 3

Then, his granddaughter asked you whether you want Kurt's phone. He will be able to call you when the Poké Ball have been made.

HGSS - Azalea Town 4

Azalea Town Gym

This gym uses Bug-type Pokémon. This gym is now different from the previous games. You have to step on a some sort of robotic Spinarak, then travel forward. Once it reach a crossroad (with left or right path), it will move towards the direction, then move forward. The first puzzle is stepping on the Spinarak on the left to get to the other platform.

HGSS - Azalea Town 5

After that, there is a second puzzle, with a blue switch and red switch. Pressing the blue switch, the blue path will be broken, and Spinarak will not go through that path. Same goes to the red switch, breaking the red path. Switching it back will form back the path.

Gym Leader Bugsy

Bugsy have a team of three Bug Pokémon. His first Pokémon, Scyther, is his strongest. The rest are weak - Metapod and Kakuna. There is trouble with Scyther though, it is pretty strong. If his Pokémon's HP is low, he will use Super Potion once per Pokémon. So, after you beat Scyther, you will definitely be able to win, because the other two Pokémon are weak.

HGSS - Azalea Town 6

Leader Bugsy
HGSS Scyther (F) Sprite HGSS 011 front HGSS 014 front
Lv. 17 Lv. 15 Lv. 15
Bug Bug Bug
Flying - -
Money: 1800

After you win the battle, Bugsy awards you a Hive Badge. Traded Pokémon up to Level 30 will obey you, and it allows you to use Cut outside of battle. He also gives you TM89 U-turn.

HGSS - Azalea Town 7

Leave the gym, heal up at the Pokémon Center, and prepare to leave the town to the left.

Rival Battle #2

Just as you are going to leave the town to the west, your rival arrive. He talked to you about Team Rocket, and surprised that you get rid of the Team Rocket. Unconvinced, he battle with you.

HGSS - Azalea Town 8

After you win, he tell you to stay out of the way, and he leave the town.

Rival Battle #2
HGSS 092 front HGSS 041 front HGSS 153 front / HGSS 156 front / HGSS 159 front
GastlyZubatBayleef ♂ / Quilava ♂ / Croconaw
Lv. 14 Lv. 16 Lv. 18
Ghost Poison Grass / Fire / Water
Poison Flying - / - / -
Money: 1152

HGSS - Azalea Town 9

Now leave the town.

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