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Route 30

Head north of this map to Route 31.

Encounter Your First Trainer

The battle just now have ended, and these two trainers step back. You can battle with them. Some Trainers will give you their phone numbers after you win.

HGSS - Route 30 5

Route 31

At this map, there is a Dark Cave, to its west its Violet City.

Dark Cave

The cave is located at the east of Route 31. As the name suggests, the cave is dark indeed. You will have to turn back, because there is a dead end ahead.

HGSS - Route 31 1

Get Vs. Recorder

When you enter the entrance to Violet City, Ethan/Lyra will appear behind you. He/She surprised that you get past him/her. As a reward, he/she will give you a Vs. Recorder, that allows you to record the battles you had. Then he\she will go off.

HGSS - Route 31 2

Violet City

Main article: Violet City

Blocked Gym

The gym of Violet City is located around the middle of the city. You can enter it, however, there are several barriers blocking the path to Gym Leader. The man standing at the centre (he is not the Gym Leader!) tells you that you must go train at the Sprout Tower.

HGSS - Violet City 2

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Trading Bellsprout for Onix

A boy in the house near the Pokémon Center is looking for a Bellsprout, and happy to trade his Onix.

HGSS - Violet City 1

Earl, The Teacher

A man is standing next to the Pokémon Mart, near the pond. If you talk to him, he will swivel around. He will then ask you if you have beaten the gym leader. If you choose 'No', he will bring you to the Trainer School, swiveling around when he changes direction. He then reveals himself as 'Earl', the teacher of the school. He will teach you about what you need about the Pokémon World.

HGSS - Violet City 3

Creating a Group

A boy standing in the Trainer School will ask you whether you want to create a group. If you join, your friends will be able to join you in the Union Room, where you can mix records.

HGSS - Violet City 4

Sprout Tower

Main article: Sprout Tower

Sprout Tower is located north of Violet City, by crossing the two bridges. You have to complete this place before you can challenge the Violet City gym. Battle with the monks in the temple.

HGSS - Sprout Tower 1

When you reach the top of the tower, you will meet up with the red-haired guy that stole the Pokémon from Prof. Elm's lab. Apparently, he had won the battle with the Elder of the tower, and the monk said that he way he treat his Pokémon are harsh. Then, your rival will turn his back and blabber about what Elder said, and he only care about strong Pokémon that win every time. Then he used an Escape Rope to escape the tower.

HGSS - Sprout Tower 3

After he leave, talk to the Elder Li to engage in a battle.

HGSS - Sprout Tower 4

After you won the battle, he will comment that the way you battle are elegant, and he gives you TM70 Flash, a TM that lit up dark cave.

HGSS - Sprout Tower 5

Having completed the tower quest, head to the Pokémon Center and heal your Pokémon, before challenging the gym.

Violet City

Violet City Gym

Violet Gym HGSS

Enter the gym next to the Pokémon Mart. This gym uses Flying-type Pokémon. After completing the Sprout Tower quest, the man will step back. By stepping on the tile where the man first stand, you will suddenly move up to the top, revealing that it is an elevator. Because this gym uses Flying-type Pokémon, it is help high up in the gym. Don't worry, you won't fall down. You can choose to battle the Gym Leader directly, or challenge the two Trainers here to earn more experience and money.

Trainer Pokémon Level
Bird KeeperHGSSsprite
Bird Keeper
021 Spearow 9
Gain: Poké Dollar288
Trainer Pokémon Level
Bird KeeperHGSSsprite
Bird Keeper
016 Pidgey 7
016 Pidgey 7
Gain: Poké Dollar224

Gym Leader Falkner

Gym Leader Falkner awaits you at the end of the gym. He have two Pokémon - Pidgey and Pidgeotto. His Pidgeotto is Level 13, which is strange as Pidgey evolved to Pidgeotto at Level 18. Get ready to fight and brace yourself.

HGSS - Violet City 6

Reward Pokedollar 1,560
Location Violet Gym
HGSS 016 front HGSS 017 front
Pidgey Pidgeotto
Level 9 Level 13
Ability Keen Eye Ability Keen Eye
Items None Items None
Tackle Sand Attack Gust Tackle
- Roost

After you won the battle, Falkner will award you to Zephyr Badge. This badge allows traded Pokémon up to Level 20 obey you. It also allows you to use Rock Smash outside battles. After that, he gives you TM51 Roost.

HGSS - Violet City 7

Now leave the gym.

Receive an Egg

When you step out of the gym, Prof. Elm call you. He is asking you to look for his assistant in the Pokémon Mart (not Pokémon Center).

HGSS - Violet City 8

Enter the Pokémon Mart next to the gym and talk to the assistant. He say Prof. Elm want you to take care of the Egg, and if you accept it, you will receive the Egg.

HGSS - Violet City 9

When you leave the Pokémon Mart, a lady (Kimono girl) approach you and see that you are holding the Egg. She seems to know about the Egg, as she said that the Egg was passed from Mr. Pokémon to Prof. Elm, and Prof. Elm to you. Then she said to you to take care of the Egg, then leave this place.

HGSS - Violet City 10

Now head to Route 32.

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