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Route 30

Get Apricorn Box

You will find a first house at this route, with an Apricorn tree next to it. First, you need an Apricorn Box in order to obtain the Green Apricorn here. Enter the house, and talk to the man to receive the box.

HGSS - Route 30 1

Inaccessible Route

The northwestern part of the route is inaccessible, because there are trainer battles there. You may return here if you visited Mr. Pokémon and Prof. Elm again.

HGSS - Route 30 4

Mr. Pokémon's House

The house Prof. Elm wanted you to go is located at the north of the map. Head into the house and Mr. Pokémon will greet you. Then he will then give you a Mysterious Egg, which you put it in your Key Item bag (not in your party!). Then he will heal your Pokémon.

After that, Prof. Oak will walk towards you and greet you. He will then look at your Pokémon, then gives you a Pokédex. He also gives you his phone number. Then, he went off.

HGSS - Route 30 2

As soon as you leave the house, Prof. Elm calls you. He said that something had happened in his lab. He wanted you to return to the lab as fast as possible. So, let's hurry, head down to Cherrygrove City.

HGSS - Route 30 3

Cherrygrove City

Rival Battle #1

You meet the same boy who is standing suspiciously outside the Prof. Elm's lab a while earlier. He then challenged you with the Pokémon he stole from the lab. His Pokémon is always have a type that is against yours. If you choose Chikorita, he will use Cyndaquil. If you choose Cyndaquil, he will use Totodile. Last, if you choose Totodile, he will choose Chikorita.

HGSS - Cherrygrove City 4

After battling, he will complain that he wants to be the world's greatest Pokémon Trainer. Then he walked away. But then he returned to you and grab back his Trainer Card, apparently you are holding it, then he realized you saw his name. Then he walked away. Now head back to Prof. Elm's lab now by going through Route 29.

Passerby Boy
HGSS 152 front/HGSS 155 front/HGSS 158 front 
Chikorita / Cyndaquil / Totodile
Lv. 5
Grass / Fire / Water
Money: 500

New Bark Town

Theft Case

Prof. Elm is very shocked and worried back in his lab. A police asked him whether you saw any suspicious character - which is the same person you battled just now. Ethan/Lyra enter the lab and also states that he/she had met the thief. Now, you just have to give him a name. I will call him 'Silver'.

HGSS - New Bark Town 10

Then, you pass the Mysterious Egg to Prof. Elm. Prof. Elm then steps back, surprised at the egg. Then, he was shocked to hear that you received a Pokédex from Prof. Oak. Then he tell you to challenge the gym around Johto, then go challenge the Pokémon League. He also wants you to tell your Mom going off for the long journey. (If you have not yet tell your Mum, she will call you at Route 30, asking whether you want to save money).

HGSS - New Bark Town 11

Now, it's time to leave to Violet City.

Route 29

When you are heading out to Route 29, Ethan/Lyra will approach you and teach you how to catch a Pokémon. After that, he/she will give you 5 Poké Balls. Then he/she leave the place. Continue to Cherrygrove City and then to Route 30.

HGSS - Route 29 3

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