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New Bark Town

New Adventures Starts!

You will end up at your house in New Bark Town after creating your character. When you head downstairs, your Mum will talk to you. She informs you that your friend Lyra (if you choose the boy as your character) or Ethan (if you choose the girl as your character) went to your house, playing hide-and-seek with his/her Marill just now. Then she informs you that Prof. Elm is looking for you.

HeartGoldSoulSilver New Bark Town 1

On the menu, which is the touch screen of your DS, your Mum will give you a bag for you to put your items in. She then gives you a Trainer Card, which also allows you to hold badges. She gives you a Save option so that you can save your progress. Last, she give you Options so that you can choose whether you want to text speed to be faster, changing the colour box, or choose Mono or Stereo for sound options for your DS.

Your Mum will tell you to meet Prof. Elm, who is at a lab next door from yours.

HGSS - New Bark Town 1

Then head outside the building. A Marill will run towards and hit you. Then, Lyra/Ethan will leave the house on top of the Prof. Elm's lab. The Azurill will see his/her owner and will run towards him/her. Then they leave the area.

HGSS - New Bark Town 2

Head up to Prof. Elm lab at the northwest of the town. You will see a red-haired guy standing next to the lab. If you interact with him, he will push you away. Suspicious, indeed.

HGSS - New Bark Town 3

Choose Your Pokémon!

Anyway, enter the Prof. Elm's lab and talk to him. He will chat for awhile until his PokéGear rings.

HGSS - New Bark Town 4

Then he wanted to send you for an errand, sending you to go to the Mr. Pokémon's house. Before that, he wanted you to choose one Pokémon out of three Pokémon he have. You can choose a Grass-type Chikorita, a Fire-type Cyndaquil or a Water-type Totodile. Choose carefully as it will be your partner for the rest of your journey.

HGSS - New Bark Town 5

After choosing your Pokémon, the selected Pokémon will be standing beside you. I choose Totodile and it will keep following me around. This is the new feature introduced to Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. As long as your lead Pokémon is at the front, that Pokémon will follow you. A new option "Pokémon" appears at the menu bar. When you are about to leave the lab, Prof. Elm's assistant will approach you and gives you 5 Potions for your journey. Now, head outside.

HGSS - New Bark Town 6

Inform Your Mum

When you head out of the lab, Lyra/Ethan will be playing with Marill. Then, he/she will approach you and talk to you. He/She will comment on the Pokémon you choose, after that, she will tell you to meet your Mum.

HGSS - New Bark Town 7

Head back to your house and talk to your Mum. You will receive PokéGear, a handphone in the Pokémon world, so that your Mum will be able to contact you. After that, she will ask you whether to save money.

HGSS - New Bark Town 8

After that, head out to Route 29. Prof. Elm will come out of his lab and give you his phone number. Then he head back to the building.

HGSS - New Bark Town 9

Route 29

This is the first route you will visit, encountering wild Pokémon by trudging through grasses.

HGSS - Route 29 1

There are several ledges here, where you can jump down to avoid a long walk. Also, there is an Apricorn tree here, which will bear Apricorn once everyday.

HGSS - Route 29 2

There is a house at the middle of the map which can bring you to Route 46. But you cannot access the top part of the map, due to the ledges blocking your path. Continue to Cherrygrove City now.

Cherrygrove City

When you enter the city, an old man will approach you. He is giving you a tour around the city. He then walks towards the Pokémon Center, then realise that you are not following him and he run back to you. He said that he is wearing 'Running Shoes', so he hopes that you will catch up with him.

HGSS - Cherrygrove City 1

He will show you around the city. The Pokémon Center, the Pokémon Mart, Route 30, the sea at the city and last, his house. He then gives you a pair of Running Shoes. You will be able to run by pressing the direction key while holding the 'B' button. You can also press the 'Sprint' button on the Touch Screen, so you will run as you hold the directional key.

HGSS - Cherrygrove City 2

Just as you are about to leave the city and heading to Route 30, the old man then approach you again. This time, he gives you a Town Map. You can refer to the Town Map in your PokéGear, checking the towns in the Johto region. Then, he took off. Head to Route 30 now.

HGSS - Cherrygrove City 3

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