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The walkthrough of Unova.

Nuvema Town

Pick Your Starter (Snivy, Tepig, or Oshawott) and the battle against Bianca begins. After you win or lose to her you battle Cheren. After you win or lose you go down the stairs and talk to your mom. After that go to Bianca's house. Then travel to Professor Junpier's Lab, a short distance a way. After explaining the Pokédex, Professor Juniper will give you one and ask you to complete it then she'll say she will meet you on Route 1 and walks out. Now you can continue your journey.

Route 1

Professor Juniper will teach you how to catch a Pokémon, demonstrating with her Minccino. She will then give you 5 Poké Balls and head to Accumula Town. Afterwards Bianca will create a contest to see who can catch the most Pokémon then go on, with Cheren. Now you can head on to Accumula Town.

Accumula Town

Go to the Pokémon Center and talk to Professor Junpier who will take you inside.She will explain how to get your Pokémon healed, use the PC and buy items. Then she will tell you about Fennel (who lives in Striaton City) and leave. Afterwards, go outside and you'll see Genghis from Team Plasma making an announcement in the Plaza. Genghis is talking about Pokémon liberation. Afterwards the crowd leaves except you, Cheren and a mysterious boy, who reveals he's called N. He will want to battle you, after saying your Pokémon are talking. He will battle with a Purrloin After you beat him he will leave which allows you to continue to Route 2.

Route 2

At the start of Route 2 you get a call from your mom. After she hangs up you see her and get some Running Shoes. Afterwards you can go through Route 2 and battle 3 trainers (all with 1 Pokémon each). At the top end of the Route you will battle Bianca. Then you can continue to Striaton City.

Striaton City

Talk to the person in front of the Gym who will tell you that the Gym Leader might be in the Trainers School. When you go to the Trainer School, Cheren will tell you that the Gym Leader was here a minute ago, but just left. Then he wants to battle, and when you win, he will give you 3 Oran berries. After you go back to the gym, you'll see the Gym Leader in front of the Gym. After you go into the gym, a man will give you a fresh water. After you battle the Gym Leader (fighting 2 trainers first), you'll then exit the Gym and see Fennel, who will ask you to follow her. When you reach her room, she'll give you an HM Cut. Then she will ask you to get her some Dream mist from The Dreamyard. After you have been to the Dreamyard, return to Fennel's house and Amanita will give you a Pal Pad. Now you can exit Striaton City.



Approaching Friday Musharna

When you first visit here, you will fight 2 trainers then see a girl who will give you a Panpour, Pansage or Pansear (depending on your starter). After you beat the gym leader, you can use the Cut HM that Fennel gave you (if you teach it to a Pokémon) on a tree in middle of the Dreamyard, Bianca will appear and go inside the gap. When you follow, a sound will come from they other side of the wall. After going though another gap, a Munna will appear. Then 2 men will arrive, saying that they are Team Plasma members, fighting for Pokémon liberation by stealing Pokémon from people. Bianca says this is mean, and they say they have a reason to and attack the player, one after they other. When you have beaten them, one will stop you from helping the Munna and they other will continue to harm the Munna. Then the man called Ghetsis will appear, scolding the Team Plasma members, which will run away. Afterward, a Musharna will appear, then Fennel who will talk about the Musharna, which will then leave. Fennel will then pick up some left over dream mist, and tell the Player to visit her later then leave. You can now try and catch Pokémon or return to Striaton City.

Route 3

Go to the northwest and you'll battle some twins. When you beat them you'll see Bianca and Cheren and they'll say some little girls Pokémon was stolen. Afterwards follow Cheren  and go into Wellspring Cave. (After Wellspring Cave) Go to the bottom part of Route 3 and on to Nacrene City.

Wellspring Cave

You'll have to battle with Cheren on your side and  battle some Plasma grunts. Afterwards go back to Route 3.

Nacrene City

Go to the Gym and before you go in you have to battle N. Afterwards go in to the Gym. Now Find the clues in books and you'll find your way to the Lenora,the Gym Leader. After go down the secret staircase and you'll find the Gym Leader. Afterwards go to the east of the City and on to Pinwheel Forest.

Pinwheel Forest

Follow Burgh and fight Team Plasma. After go to the Skyarrow Bridge.

Skyarrow Bridge

Just walk to the end and go to Castelia City.

Castelia City

Go to the Gym. After go to one of the docks and you'll find your Bianca she'll say her Pokémon was stolen. Afterwards go to the building in the Gym street and you'll see Team Plasma. After go to the Gymand then fight Burgh. When your beaten Burgh go to the entrance to Route 4.

Route 4

In the Gate your have your 3rd battle with Bianca. After the battle she'll give you a location item. Go to the area before the deep sand for your 3rd battle with Cheren. After the battle go trough the Route and you'll get a call from Professor Juniper. After she hangs up, go to Nimbasa City.

Nimbasa City

When you first get to Nimbasa City you'll see the Day Care man being attacked by a Team Plasma grunt. You end up battling the Team Plasma grunt. After the Battle the Day Care man will give you a bike. (now you can get the Day Care to take care of two of your Pokémon). Now go to the Musical Theatre and find Bianca at the front door talk to her and go inside. After go back outside to find Bianca yelling at her Dad. Now go to the Amusement Park. In the Amusement Park, You'll find your N and he'll take you to the Ferris Wheel and you'll learn more about him. Now go to the Gym to battle Elesa. Afterwards go to Route 5.

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