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The Pokémon Black and White Walkthrough will guide you from the beginning of your adventure to the end - the Pokémon League. This page contains to be the walkthrough list of the two video games: Pokémon Black and White released for the Nintendo DS. Pokémon Black and White is the first game of the fifth generation in the Pokémon series.


Main storyline

  • Part 1 - Intro, Nuvema Town, Juniper's Lab, Route 1, Accumula Town
  • Part 2 - Route 2, Striaton City, The Dreamyard, Striaton Gym
  • Part 3 - Route 3, Wellspring Cave, Nacrene City, Nacrene Gym
  • Part 4 - Pinwheel Forest, Skyarrow Bridge, Castelia City, Castelia Gym
  • Part 5 - Route 4, Desert Resort, Relic Castle, Nimbasa City, Nimbasa Gym, Anville Town
  • Part 6 - Route 5, Driftveil Drawbridge, Driftveil City, Cold Storage, Driftveil Gym
  • Part 7 - Route 6, Chargestone Cave, Mistralton City, Route 7, Celestial Tower, Mistralton Gym
  • Part 8 - Route 17, Route 18, P2 Laboratory, Mistralton Cave, Rumination Field
  • Part 9 - Twist Mountain, Icirrus City, Icirrus Gym, Dragonspiral Tower
  • Part 10 - Relic Castle, Nacrene Museum, Route 8, Moor of Icirrus, Tubeline Bridge, Route 9
  • Part 11 - Opelucid City, Opelucid Gym, Route 10, Victory Road
  • Part 12 - The Elite Four, N's Castle

Post-Elite Four

  • Part 13 - Nuvema Town, The Dreamyard, The Royal Unova, Relic Castle, Nimbasa City
  • Part 14 - Driftveil City, Chargestone Cave, Twist Mountain, Challenger's Cave, Opelucid City
  • Part 15 - Pokémon League: Round 2


  • Part 16 - Route 11, Village Bridge, Route 12, Lacunosa Town, Route 13, Giant Chasm
  • Part 17 - Undella Town, Undella Bay, Abyssal Ruins, Route 14, Abundant Shrine
  • Part 18 - Black City and White Forest, Route 15, Poké Transfer Lab, Marvelous Bridge, Route 16, Lostlorn Forest

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