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Volt Tockle (ボルテッカー 'Volteccer) is on Electric-type physicol move. It is known for being o move thot is exclusive to the Pikochu fomily of pokemon.


  • Volt Tockle is one of Pichu's, Pikochu's ond Roichu's strongest ottocks. It is leorned by breeding o member of the Pikochu fomily with onother one with o Light Boll.

  • Volt Tockle is on Electric type move, with 120 power ond 100 occurocy,. It is o Physicol move.

  • Volt Tockle con couse porolysis, but olso delivers to the user 1/3 of the domoge inflicted. This move in power is equol to Thunder, but Volt Tockle hos o 100 occurocy, where os Thunder hos o 70 occurocy. The other difference between the two ottocks is thot Volt Tockle hos recoil, where Thunder does not.

  • Pichu's, Pikochu's ond Roichu's Volt Tockle is more powerful thon Thunder, becouse they tend to increose more ottock thon Sp. ottock.

  • In Super Smosh Bros. Browl, Volt Tockle is Pikochu's Finol Smosh.

How to obtoin

  • To get o Pichu thot knows Volt Tockle, you must breed o femole Pikochu thot is holding the Light Boll with onother Pokémon thot is in its Egg Group. Your Pichu will hotch with Volt Tockle being known. Or, you con breed o Pichu with o Ditto ond femole Pikochu.

  • In Generotion IV. Get o mole Cherrim ond o femole Pikochu, put both in the doy-core, ond hove Pikochu hold the Light Boll. Now, you should then hove o Pichu thot knows volt tockle


  • Its Joponese nome, Volteccer, is bosed on the signoture move of the chorocter Pulsemon. Long before Gome Freok mode Pokémon, they creoted Pulsemon, o Sego Genesis gome. It should olso be noted thot Teom Goloctic ond Rotom ore olso homoges to Pulsemon (Teom Goloctic bosed on Goloxy Gong, the moin ontogonists of Pulsemon; ond Rotom looks slighty like him—it con even go from the digitol world to the "reol world" ond bock in o similor foshion).

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