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|class = Gym Leader
|class = Gym Leader
|friends = [[Flint (Adventures)|Flint]]
|friends = [[Flint (Adventures)|Flint]]
|firstappear = Pokemon Adventures
|firstappear = Pokémon Adventures
|MangaAppearance = DP
|MangaAppearance = DP
|gender = Male}}
|gender = Male}}

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(デンジ Denzi)
Gender: Male
Hometown: Sunnyshore City
Region: [[Sinnoh]]
Family: Unknown
Friends: Flint
Class: Gym Leader
First Appearance: Pokémon Adventures
[[Category:Characters from Sinnoh]]


He has the same outlook of appearance in the anime and game.


He is the same in the anime and game but is shown to be more bored than in the anime and game as when he asked an engineer who was in the electric powerplant if he was strong and if he could make his boredness go away by challenging him, to which the engineer got angry at.

Plot Overview

Diamond and Pearl Chapter

He is challenged by Platinum and lost and he agreed to help Platinum in fighting against Team Galactic's plan. He is also seen when he went to the powerplant because their was a shortout of electricity. In the end of the chapter, he is shown to be talking with Flint with his mobile.

Platinum Chapter

He is shown along with Flint where he is relaxing on a couch, while Flint is talking with Buck on his mobile.

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