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Vital Throw
BW Vital Throw
(あてみなげ Strike Throw)
Generation: II
Battle Data
Type: Type Fighting
Category Type Physical
Power: 70
Accuracy: -
PP: 10
Affects: Anyone adjacent to user
Secondary Effect:
Priority: -1
Contact: Yes
Affected by
Magic Coat: No
Bright Powder: Yes
Protect/Detect: Yes
Snatch: No
King's Rock: Yes
Contest Data
Contests (RSE)
Type: Type Cool
Appeal: 3 ♥♥♥
Jam: 0
Super Contests (DPPt)
Type: Type Cool
Appeal: 2 ♥♥
Contest Spectaculars (ORAS)
Type: Type Cool
Appeal: 1
Jam: 1

Vital Throw is a Fighting type move introduced in Generation II that was, until Generation III, the signature move of the Machop family. Vital Throw is a decreased priority move that always goes first if the opponent's Pokémon uses a low priority move. It never misses unless the opponent uses a move such as Fly.


In battle

This move is a decreased priority move, meaning it moves after ordinary priority moves, but also moves before other decreased priority moves. It is a fighting type move with 70 power and causes physical damage to an adjacent Pokemon. This move will not miss unless the target Pokemon has used a move that removes it from the surface/ground level of the battlefield, or if it uses a move such as protect.


The appearance of this move in-game is generally a basic attack animation, with a star-like effect appearing on the target Pokemon, and some particles being emitted from the centre.


Vital Throw depicted in the anime
Brawly Hariyama Vital Throw
Brawly's Hariyama using Vital Throw

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