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Virgil official art
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Region: Unova
Family: Jeff (Father), Davy (Older Brother)
Friends: Ash, Iris, Cilan, Stephan, Bianca, Cameron
Class: Trainer, Ranger
First Appearance: BW104
Voice actor: Tom Wayland

Virgil is a character who debuted in BW104 and one of Ash's five rivals in Unova. He is a Pokémon Rescue Worker along with his brother Davey and his father Jeff. He is also Bianca's love interest, even though he doesn't notice it all the time.


As a young boy, Virgil was once lost in the forest with his first Pokémon Eevee at night, due to having a close bond with his Eevee and because the time was night, it was able to evolve into his present day Umbreon to help him get out of the forest by using Flash to light up the place. From that point on, he became grateful to the Eevee species and decided to catch more; to train and evolve them.

Virgil first met Ash and his friends after saving Ash and Iris from falling off a cliff while on their way to Higaki City where the Unova League was going to take place which Ash plans to enter with his Espeon and Eevee, he reveals he is Pokémon rescue worker and introduces to them Team Eevee. Both Virgil and Ash quickly become friends and they both decide to work together along with Virgil's brother Davey, Ash's friends, to solve a problem involving a reservoir taken over by wild Cryogonals, after solving that he reveals to Ash that he is also going to participate in Unova League making him a rival.

He reappeared again in BW105 to take part of the Unova League after being dropped off by his brother Davey in a helicopter, there he encountered Ash and His friends and met his other rivals in Unova such as Bianca and Stephan. In the first round of the Unova League he used his Vaporeon againist Ultimo and his Crustle. In BW106 he deafeted Ultimo with Vaporeon using Hydro Pump, advancing in the 2nd round of the tournament. In BW107 he was revealed to have made it through the second round and he was shown defeating a Reuniclus with his Glaceon Using Ice Beam to defeat it in the third round, getting him to top 16. Later in that episode him along Bianca help Iris find her Axew and save the Pokémon with his Espeon after they were being sent off a cliff by Garbodor, and used his Umbreon to calm down the Garbodor. In BW108 he defeated Flora's Gothitelle with his Umbreon in the fourth round advancing to the top 8 in the League. He then continued to win the Unova League, using his un-evolved Eevee to clinch the win.


On hand

Pokémon Information
Eevee is Virgil's main partner who is ussully seen out of it's pokeball. She is the leader of Team Eevee and will assist them if they need a power boost or defense.
Pokémon Information
Vaporeon is a pokemon who once evolved from an Eevee. It was first sent out in BW105 to take care of the Cryogonal as it was fast enough to evade their attacks. In BW106 it was sent to battle Ultimo's Crustle in the first round of the Unova league, it was shown to be dominating the match and won in BW106 by using Hydro Pump. Its known moves are Bubblebeam, Shadow Ball, Hydro Pump, and Aurora Beam.
Eevee → Vaporeon
Pokémon Information
Jolteon is another part of team Eevee. When the power was out in a work facility, it powered the generator. It was also used in the Semi-Final match of the Unova League, where it defeated Cameron's Samurott, but lost to his Ferrothorn. Jolteon's only known move is Thunderbolt
Eevee → Jolteon
Pokémon Information
Flareon is another part of team Eevee. It was shown to be incredibly powerful, knocking out both Cameon's Ferrothorn and Lucario in the Semi Finals of the Unova League.
Eevee → Flareon
Pokémon Information
Espeon was first seen saving Ash and co. when they fell o a cliff. Espeon's only known move is Psychic.
Eevee → Espeon
Pokémon Information
This Pokémon evolved from Virgil's first Eevee. When they were lost in a forest, Eevee evolved and used Flash to light the way out.It also defeated Flora's Gothitelle in the top 16 of the Unova League, advancing Virgil to the Top 8. He was also used against Cameron's Ferrothorn in the Top 4 of the conference, and was damaged by Pin Missile before being recalled. It was later knocked out by Cameron's Lucario. In the manga it was fighting Iris Dragonite. Its known moves are Flash, Psychic, and Shadow Ball.
Eevee → Umbreon
Pokémon Information
Virgil Leafeon
Leafeon is Virgil's weakest Pokemon and is rarley used. It was easily defeated by Cameron's Ferrothorn in the Semi Finals of the Pokemon League.
Eevee → Leafeon
Pokémon Information
Glaceon is the ice type portion of Team Eevee. When a door was sealed shut, Glaceon used Icy Beam and with Umbreon's Psychic, it formed an icy key. It was also used to battle a trainer's Reniculis in the Top 32 of the Unova League, and won with Blizzard, advancing his trainer to the next round. Glaceon's known moves are Ice Beam, Icy Wind, and Blizzard.
Eevee → Glaceon


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Klinklang (2x)

At the Ranch

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