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|image = Virbank City.png
|image = Virbank City.png
|region = Unova
|region = Unova
|routes = ↑ [[Pokéstar Studios]]<br>← [[Unova Route 20|Route 20]]<br>→ Ship to [[Castelia City]]<br>↓ ''[[Virbank Industrial Complex]]''
|routes = ↑ [[Pokéstar Studios]]<br>← [[Unova Route 20|Route 20]]<br>→ Ship to [[Castelia City]]<br>↓ ''[[Virbank Complex]]''
|gymname = Virbank City Gym
|gymname = Virbank City Gym
|leader = [[Roxie]]
|leader = [[Roxie]]

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Virbank City
タチワキシティ Tachiwaki City
"City of falling fog and rising stars"
Virbank City
Location info
Region: Unova
Connecting routes: Pokéstar Studios
Route 20
→ Ship to Castelia City
Virbank Complex
Location of Virbank City in Unova
Location of Virbank City in Unova.
Gym info
Name: Virbank City Gym
Leader: Roxie
Type(s): [[File:Type Poison]]
Badge: [[File:{{{badgeimage}}}|50px]]
[[Gym Badges#Toxicbadge
Toxic Badge|Toxicbadge
Toxic Badge]]
Pokémon Gyms
Virbank City (Japanese: タチワキシティ Tachiwaki City) is a city located in southwestern Unova. It is home to Pokéwood, where people from all over Unova make their own movies and battle real trainers for the movies.


Main article: Virbank City Gym
Isshu Pokémon League iconVirbank Gym LeaderIsshu Pokémon League icon
Toxicbadge Toxic Badge TM Poison TM09 (Venoshock)
Level 16
Type Poison
Level 18

Type Bug/Type Poison

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