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For the variant appearing in the games, see Viola.

Viola is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures, who is the Gym Leader of Santalune City in the Kalos region.


Viola has blonde hair. For normal attire, Viola wears a white blouse, green pants with white cuffs, brown boots with green laces and a green sweatband on her left hand. She is also often seen with her camera.


Viola is a kind-hearted person, who sometimes helps her sister, Alexa, in journalism. Viola also loves taking pictures, being a determined photographer. Viola is a righteous person and, even if being quite hurt, does her best to protect others.


X & Y arc

X&Y001 6

Viola and Alexa wanting to interview Y.

Viola first appeared with her camera and Alexa near X's house. They wanted to interview Y because of her skills as a Sky Trainer. Y however disliked them because journalists are the reason why X didn't want to leave his house.[1] Both Alexa and Viola saw the rampage between Xerneas and Yveltal. Viola asked Alexa what is was about and Alexa told Viola about the legend she has heard.[2]

As the group visited Santalune City and started talking about X's Mega Ring, Viola approached them and introduced herself as the Gym Leader. Viola remembered Y claimed all reporters are selfish, but Viola only wanted to share information about Vaniville Town's incident. The group agreed to follow Viola, except Shauna, who felt they know nothing about Viola. Shauna felt betrayed and left on her own.[3]

Soon after, X agreed to a battle against Viola and used his Kanga to defeat her Vivillion. X smiled his old tactics to counter an opponent's attacks worked, making Viola a bit sad, for she is known to be "the one who doesn't allow a single smile escape away". Viola let everyone sleep at the Gym for the night. Shauna attempted to take X's Mega Stone, but Y and Viola confronted her, knowing well Shauna was stealing. Shauna pulled out a sword, a Honedge, and started attacking Y, so Viola jumped in and took the hit.[4]

After Korrina arrived, Viola, despite being hurt, explained Korrina was a Gym Leader of Shalour City, for she asked Korrina to come examine X's Key Stone, an item Korrina had as well. Before Celosia attempted to escape, Viola had Surskit use Sticky Web to trap Celosia.[5]

Later on, Alexa contacted Viola, who had her head bandaged. Viola asked Alexa to find the children and protect them, for a mysterious group has been attacking them.[6] After her Helioptile was saved, Alexa decided to go to Santalune City to meet up with her sister, Viola, to uncover the truth behind Team Flare.[7]


On hand

Pokémon Information
Viola's Vivillion Adventures
Viola used Vivillon to battle X's Kanga.
Pokémon Information
Viola's Surskit Adventures
When Celosia arrived to take X's Mega Ring, Viola had Surskit trap Celosia with Sticky Web.

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