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(ジュンイチ Jun'ichi)
Gender: Male
Hometown: New Bark Town
Region: Johto
Friends: Jimmy, Marina
Class: Pokemon Trainer
First appearance: The Legend of Thunder!
Voice actor: Anthony Salerno
Kevin Kolack
Daisuke Sakaguchi

Vincent (in the Chronicles), Jackson (in the main series), is a character in the spin-off Pokémon Chronicles, and also appeared as a Pokémon Trainer who in the Silver Conference from the Johto region under the name Jackson. He received his first Pokémon, a Chikorita from Professor Elm.


Vincent appears in the special episode The Legend of Thunder. He is the childhood friend of Jimmy and Marina. He has a crush on Marina and is Jimmy's rival.

Jackson fought against Ash Ketchum in the Preliminary Round of the Silver Conference. Like Ash, he also owns a shiny Pokémon: Magneton. Their match ended in a draw with the final matchup being his Meganium and Ash's Bulbasaur.


Pokémon Information
Vincent Meganium
Jackson got Meganium as a starter in the form of endive, when he set out on his journey. In his first appearance, but it has already evolved to Meganium. While Jackson's battle with Ash, it is used against the Bulbasaur and reached after a long battle a draw.
Chikorita → Bayleef → Meganium
Pokémon Information
Vincent Azumarill
Before actually fighting Ash battled Azumarill with Jackson's Meganium together Ash's Bulbasaur and Ash's Squirtle. You want to fight each other, but Harrison prevents this with its Miltank. During the league battle against Ash Azumarill is used against Ash's Pikachu and loses after a long battle.
Pokémon Information
Vincent Magneton
Magneton is used during battle with Vincent Ash and Pikachu against its can finally defeat this with his triplets. Ash's Cyndaquil also it can defeat without problems, but against Ash's Bulbasaur it finally pulls the short straw.
Pokémon Information
Jackson Poliwhirl
Poliwhirl is seen in the fight against Macey, which it loses to her Quilava. Macey eventually wins the battle.
Pokémon Information
Maceys and Jacksons Pokémon
It is used in the fight against Macey.
Pokémon Information
Maceys and Jacksons Pokémon
It is used in the fight against Macey.
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