The Villa is a location in Resort Area exclusive to Pokémon Platinum. When the player arrives at the Villa, a person shows the player around about the Villa on whom the previous owner gave to the player. People such as the player's mom, Gym Leaders, Professor Rowan, Dawn/Lucas, and the player's rival visits here from time to time. Here, the player can decorate their new house with stuff such as furniture. When this place is entered, the table is the only thing in the house with the catalog book on it.


  • Big Sofa (Poké Dollar120000) - Available from start.
  • Small Sofa (Poké Dollar90000) - Available from start.
  • Bed (Poké Dollar187000) - Available from start.
  • Night Table (Poké Dollar58000) - Available from start.
  • TV (Poké Dollar220000) - Available from start.
  • Audio System (Poké Dollar160000) - Available from start.
  • Bookshelf (Poké Dollar150000) - Available from start.
  • Rack (Poké Dollar127000) - Available from start.
  • Houseplant (Poké Dollar120000) - Available from start.
  • PC Desk (Poké Dollar168000) - Available from start.
  • Music Box (Poké Dollar50000) - Available after purchasing the Rack.
  • Piano (Poké Dollar146700) - Available after defeating the Elite Four 10 times.
  • Pokémon Bust (Poké Dollar150000) - Bust 1: Available after battling at each Battle Frontier facility at least once.
    Bust 2: Available after obtaining one Silver Print.
  • Guest Set (Poké Dollar208000) - Available after winning 50 times at the Battleground.
  • Wall Clock (Poké Dollar52000) - Available after planting 50 Berries.
  • Masterpiece (Poké Dollar140000) - Available after hatching 30 Eggs.
  • Tea Set (Poké Dollar108000) - Available after purchasing the Guest Set.
  • Chandelier (Poké Dollar120000) - Available after walking 300,000 steps.


The manga states that the villa was previously owned by Steven Stone.

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