Verdant Plaza (緑の広場 Green Area) is the twelfth area of Pokémon Rumble U. It is avaiable when the player completes Conductor Room. The player is able to battle two bosses, Dragonite and Sceptile, in this stage. If the player completes all the challenges of the three stages of Verdant Plaza, the player is able to get Uxie at the first stage, Azelf at the second stage and Mesprit at the third stage.

Four Seasons in the Forest


  • Defeat all enemies.
  • Don't destroy any rockets.
  • Keep of one of the player's allies from taking damage.
  • Pick up 10 or more capsules.
  • Use only Pokémon starting with O.


Pokémon Sprite Type
Farfetch'd 083 Type NormalType Flying
Politoed 186 Type Water
Sunflora 192 Type Grass
Delibird 225 Type IceType Flying
Stantler 234 Type Normal
Beautifly 267 Type BugType Flying
Seedot 273 Type Grass
Shroomish 285 Type Grass
Breloom 286 Type GrassType Fighting
Cherubi 420 Type Grass
Cherrim 421 Type Grass
Vanillite 582 Type Ice
Deerling (All forms) 585 Type NormalType Grass
Sawsbuck (All forms) 586 Type NormalType Grass
Cubchoo 613 Type Ice
Beartic 614 Type Ice

Battle Royale


  • Defeat the Boss in time.
  • Pick up 100 or more coins.
  • Achieve a combo of 80 or more.
  • Clear the battle within 120 seconds.
  • Befriend Moltres.


Pokémon Sprite Type
Venusaur 003 Type GrassType Poison
Nidoqueen 031 Type PoisonType Ground
Slowbro 080 Type WaterType Psychic
Cloyster 091 Type WaterType Ice
Chansey 113 Type Normal
Scyther 123 Type BugType Flying
Aerodactyl 141 Type RockType Flying
Articuno 144 Type IceType Flying
Zapdos 145 Type ElectricType Flying
Moltres 146 Type FireType Flying
Dragonite (Boss) 149 Type DragonType Flying

Green Hide-and-Seek


  • Defeat the Boss.
  • Use Touch Blast.
  • Clear the battle by only using Treecko.
  • Befriend Shaymin.
  • Pick up 320 or more coins.


Pokémon Sprite Type
Sudowoodo 185 Type Rock
Treecko 252 Type Grass
Grovyle 253 Type Grass
Sceptile (Boss) 254 Type Grass
Nuzleaf 274 Type GrassType Dark
Shiftry 275 Type GrassType Dark
Kecleon 352 Type Normal
Bonsly 438 Type Rock
Shaymin 492 Type Grass
Sewaddle 540 Type BugType Grass
Swadloon 541 Type BugType Grass
Leavanny 542 Type BugType Grass

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