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Veilstone Game Corner (Japanese: トバリゲームコーナー Tobari Game Corner) is a game corner in the Sinnoh Region, located in Veilstone City. The Game Corner differs from the European to the American and Japanese versions. The American and Japanese Game Corners feature 16 slot machines. The European version features Game Machines. In order to play at the Game Corner, you need a Coin Case.

Coin Case

The woman behind the counter to the left inside the Game Corner sells coins for playing games.

50 Coins
1000 Poke
500 Coins
10000 Poke


There is a building to the right of the Game Corner. Prizes can be bought from the counter in that building using your coins.

Silk Scarf Sprite Silk Scarf
1000 Coins
Wide Lens Bag Wide Lens
1000 Coins
Zoom Lens Bag Zoom Lens
1000 Coins
Metronome (item) Metronome
1000 Coins
TM 90 TM 90: Substitute
2000 Coins
TM 90 TM 58: Endure
2000 Coins
TM 90
TM 75: Swords Dance
4000 Coins
TM 90
TM 32: Double Team
4000 Coins
TM 44 TM 44: Rest
6000 Coins
TM 90
TM 89: U-Turn
6000 Coins
TM 90
TM 10: Hidden Power
6000 Coins
TM 90
TM 27: Return
8000 Coins
TM 90
TM 21: Frustration
8000 Coins
TM 35 TM 35: Flamethrower
10000 Coins
TM 24 TM 24: Thunderbolt
10000 Coins
TM 13
TM 13: Ice Beam
10000 Coins
TM 44 TM 29: Psychic
10000 Coins
TM 74 TM74: Gyro Ball
15000 Coins
TM 90 TM 68: Giga Impact
20000 Coins

Slot Machines

Symbol Coins Rarity
7 100


Galactic Symbol 100


Poke Ball 2

Very Common

Moon Stone 15 Common
Pikachu 10 Fairly Common
Replay 15 Coins (Replay in Bonus Round.) Fairly Rare


In accordance with European legislation against gambling, the slot machines were removed in Platinum for Europe and have never featured since (closest thing since has been Voltorb flip in HGSS)

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